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JD’s Ultimate Guide To Crocs

We’re callin’ it. 2023 is the year of the Croc.

Crocs have been creepin’ into everyone’s collections and slowly but surely, these comfy Clogs have started to become a staple look.


Crocs has taken social media by storm, with creators posting their collections on Instagram and TikTok, to some of our favourite celebs flexin’ their clogs such as Stormzy, Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid to name a few. And, of course, our JD and JD Women ambassadors, Chunkz and Chloe Burrows are partial to a pair!


We’ve created the ULTIMATE guide to Crocs where you’ll find all the deets you need. From history of the brand to fit details, what they’re made of, and even stylin’ tips, we’ve come up with everything you could need to know about ‘em.


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History Of Crocs

Let’s start off with a little bit of background about Crocs.


The brand was founded back in 2002 in Colorado, USA. Originally designed as a boating shoe, the first ever Crocs silhouette the ‘Beach’ was introduced at the ‘02 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida, where they sold 200 pairs.


Since then, Crocs have been making waves in the industry, creating all new designs and perfecting their signature foam material. You’ll know ‘em best for their Classic Clog silhouette, and we’re pretty big fans too! In fact, Crocs is one of the top ten non-athletic footwear brands in the world, and they’ve sold over 850 million pairs since starting out.


These ultra-comfy clogs are back in a big way this SZN. From humble beginnings with the iconic Classic Clog, the brand has been introducing street-ready styles ready to make a statement while keeping comfort key.


In case you missed it, the Echo Slog and Echo Slide silhouettes landed in March ’23 with extra-bold style and big, chunky sculpting.


Not stoppin’ there, we’ve seen the All-Terrain Clog, Mellow Slides, Classic Crush Clogs, and the Crush Boot come onto the scene. With all these designs and more, Crocs has somethin’ for everyone, no matter your style!


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What Are Crocs Made Of? 

Crocs are made with a special kind of foam.


Specifically, it’s a trademarked closed cell resin, rather than plastic or rubber which a lot of people assume it is.


It’s named Croslite, and it’s totally exclusive to Crocs. It’s a versatile, non-toxic EVA material and it’s super lightweight and durable.


Croslite is waterproof which makes for easy care of your Crocs (which we’ll get to later), and because of its closed cell elements, it’s great at resisting odours and preventing sweating, as well as stopping bacterial and fungal growth.


If you’re wondering why Crocs are so comfy, it’s all because of Croslite. This footbed is particularly effective at spreading the load across your foot, taking high-pressure points and broadening the weight for innovative comfort.


Croslite is great at absorbing shock, too, making for a super-smooth ride wherever you head. The footbed moulds to your foot for a custom fit, and it’s slip-resistant too so you know you’ve got essential traction.


How To Clean Crocs 

Looking for some tips on how to clean your Crocs? We’ve got you! In fact, it’s easier than you might think to keep your Crocs clean.


For your regular Classic Clog that’s made completely with Croslite, some soap and water will do the trick. Just make sure to use cold water and a mild soap to get your Crocs lookin’ brand new again!


If your Crocs are lined or fuzzy inside, you can go in with a mild soap and a damp cloth to clean the inside, or use your washing machine’s most gentle spin and coldest temperature to clean ‘em up. Use as little heat as possible when cleaning your Crocs.


If you’re just after a quick once-over, we’d recommend cleaning wipes like these ones.


Every Crocs style should be left to air dry completely in a cool, dry spot before wearing them again. Any exposure to extreme heat or sun can cause your Crocs to shrink or warp the shape.


What Are Crocs Jibbitz Charms? 

Jibbitz are the fun little charms you see on Crocs.


Coming in the form of images, letters, phrases, characters, numbers and pop culture-inspired charms, Jibbitz are the perfect way to personalise your Crocs and show off your style.


There are 13 holes on every Classic Clog, whether that’s men’s, women’s or kids’ sizes. That means you can rep up to 26 Jibbitz charms every time you wear your Crocs!


How To Put Jibbitz Charms On Crocs

Crocs’ ventilation ports on the Classic Clog are essential for airflow, and letting out moisture, dirt and debris. But they’re also great for customising your Crocs with Jibbitz charms!


All you need to do to put your Jibbitz charms in is squeeze the top of your Crocs together to make a loose fold, then you can slide in one side of the charm plug into the hole. Push it in the rest of the way, and you should hear a popping sound when it’s secured. They plug in easily and stay put when you head out!


To take out your Jibbitz charms, do the same thing and squeeze the top of your Crocs together. You should be able to slide one side of the charm out and pull it out fully.


Check out your favourite Jibbitz charms and get personal with your Crocs!


How To Style Crocs

If you’re lookin’ for some styling tips, we’ve got plenty of tips ‘n’ tricks! In fact, we’ve got a whole style guide right here.


Crocs are all about showing off your own personal style, and we’re pretty confident that there’s a silhouette for everyone.


You can wear ‘em however you like, but here are some of our fave’ trends!


Crocs ‘n’ Socks

Get your Crocs feelin’ ultra cosy when you rep ‘em with a pair of socks!


There are plenty of ways to wear Crocs with socks, mix and match colourways, go bold with standout patterns or just keep it classic. The choice is yours.


If you’ve got a simple, plain pair of Classic Clogs, one way to add a little flair is going for a brightly coloured, patterned sock to elevate your look and make a statement.


We’re loving the patterned Classic Clogs too like the marble designs and solarized colourways trendin’ right now. And there are stacks of bright socks with fun designs to switch up your look.


What’s more, pulling on a pair of socks with your Crocs means you can wear the Classic Clog all year round while your feet stay toasty!


What To Wear With Crocs

Honestly, there’s no right answer to this one!


Crocs’ vibe is just about being yourself, so our advice for this one is to wear what makes you feel good.


But, if you’re lookin’ for some specifics, we think Crocs pair perfectly with loungewear looks. Think cosy sweats and off-duty joggers or leggings.


For the gals, we like ‘em with laidback T-shirt dresses when the weather’s heating up and shorts for the guys.


The Classic Clog looks good with just about anything! Adding a chilled, casual feel to all your ‘fits, Crocs could be one of the easiest shoes to style.


FAQ Quickfire Round

Why are Crocs so comfortable?

Crocs are so comfy because of the Croslite foam that they’re made with. The footbed is super soft and spongy, and absorbs shock while delivering plush comfort.


When did Crocs become popular?

A lot of people say that Crocs rose to popularity during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. So many more people started prioritising comfort, but now, three years on, we’re glad to see Crocs have stuck around. And this time, they aren’t goin’ anywhere!


Why do people love Crocs?

People love Crocs because of their versatility. They’re waterproof, durable and built to last. Wear ‘em wherever you like, however you like, and stay comfy every time!


Why do Crocs have holes?

Crocs have holes in them to deliver a ventilated, breathable feel. The perforations help to let out water or moisture, as well as any dirt or debris. They’re also there so you can customise your Crocs with Jibbitz charms.


How should Crocs fit?

Generally, Crocs are supposed to be pretty roomy. You should take your standard size in Crocs, and this’ll still leave you with some wiggle room. The Classic Clog has the iconic heel strap too, so it’s easy to secure the shape.


Crocs Ultimate Guide? Completed it, mate!

That’s everything you need to know about Crocs. Feelin’ like you know your Croslite from your Jibbitz? Check out our full collection of Crocs over on the website right now.

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