JD Official | December 16, 2020

Take on the #JDSmashingIt TikTok Challenge

Our guy Anthony Joshua has smashed 2020 outta’ the park. Now we wanna’ see you smash it like AJ! Are you up for the challenge?…

We’ve teamed up with Anthony Joshua to create a branded TikTok effect. Show us how you’re smashing 2020, or just how ready you are to take on 2021, and be in with the chance to WIN £5k cash by posting your video! ?

@jdofficialCan you SMASH IT like @anthonyjoshua ??Show us how with ##JDSmashingit for the chance to WIN £5k ?♬ Get It – Gilde Flores

How To Use The Effect

So you think you’ve got what it takes? Ready to show us your skills? Once you’ve downloaded the TikTok app, just follow these simple steps to find and use our #JDSmashingIt effect.

1. Go to the discover page

2. Look for our hashtag #JDSmashingIt

3. Click into it to film using the branded effect

4. Wait for the countdown – this is your time to get prepped!

5. Between 3-12 seconds the screen will start to smash, we want you to show us your moves and punch it as it cracks.

6. Between 12-15 seconds the screen will start to fully smash and fly away, this is your chance for a big finale!

7. When you’re ready to post, make sure you include @jdofficial, @anthonyjoshua and #JDSmashingIt in your caption to be in with a chance of winning £5k! Terms & conditions apply.

See How It’s Done

Need some inspo before you get started? Check out how some of our creators are showing you just how they SMASH IT.

With the likes of @ashleybanjo, @jeremylynch, @montana, @tommalone_jr and loads more takin’ on the challenge, they’ve got you covered!

@ashleybanjoWe still smashing through 2020 just like AJ @anthonyjoshua ??? Are you? Show @jdofficial how and you could win £5k ? ##JDsmashingit ##AD

♬ Get It – Gilde Flores

What’re you waiting for? Give it a go now! ??

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