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Love Island Final 2018: Are You Ready?

Love it or hate it, the Love Island bubble is about the burst with the final episode airing in three days’ time on Monday 30th July. Fighting it out for the £50,000 prize, 6 couples are ready to throw on their fave bikinis, top up on the factor 30+ and be OMG loyal as long as they can get their hands on the cash prize.

But, with so many twists and turns already predicted for the final episode we’ve got the tissues at the ready! In pre-final fashion, we’re gonna run down the top couples predicted to win…

Fave Couples:

Jack and Dani

From the beginning, these two have had us laughing, crying and keeping a track of Danny Dyer Senior’s movements in case he’s on the way to the villa! Like the villa’s very own mum and dad, it’s hard not to get a bit tooo invested in the Jack and Dani love story. Selling pens for a living, Jack must have an ink-ling that the public are backing him and dani but anything can happen Monday night!

Jack and dani love Island
Jack love Island

Josh and Kaz

Beautiful: Check!
Goddess Style Holiday Tan: Check!
Great Sense Of Humour: Check!

Kaz and josh really do have it all. After being coupled up with Loyal Queen G, Josh decided to recouple with Kaz and start a new journey in Casa Amour, whilst the public roared with outrage. Having proved that he made the right choice choosing Kaz, it seems as if Josh is starting to win over the public’s hearts – slowly but surely!

Dr Alex

Special mention to Dr Alex for making it all the way to the final week without finding a girl he actually likes! After last night’s bust up with brunette beauty, Alexandra it looks as if he’d rather be coupled up with his Ferrari than his dream girl. Still on track to smash it all the way to the final, could there be a singleton winning it this year?

kaz and josh love island
dr alex love island

Laura and Paul

After her fair share of ups and downs in the villa, managing to be dumped twice in a matter of weeks Laura has had a hard time picking the right guys. But, oops, she’s done it again and coupled up with one of Britney’s former dancers Paul with the hopes that this relationship won’t be so toxic! Will Britney be making an appearance Monday night? We can only hope!

Laura and Paul love island
Laura and Paul love island

Forgotten Faces Making A Return…

A normal part of any Love Island final is to fill the villa with family, friends, random fans and forgotten faces from previous episodes. But with 28 (!!!) people already dumped from the villa, here are a few you might still recognise:


First to go after Adam dropped her for new girl Rosie, Kendall has been living it up on the outside. With no time to even unpack before she had to catch her flight home, what’s next for Kendall?


Loud, Liverpudlian and proud! Hayley might have thought Liverpool was a continent but she still managed to bag herself dream boat Charlie who decided to break up with her as soon as they left the villa! Has she managed to pronounce Eyal’s name correctly yet?

Kendall Love Island
Hayley Love Island


Spiritually, Love Island might not have been the right path for Eyal as he left broken hearted, sunburnt and still confused. A public favourite in the beginning, Eyal was dumped by Megan and then dumped from the villa – OUCH!

Jordan Adefeyisan

Claiming to be TOO good looking and with an eye on Georgia, Jordan’s love Island dreams came crashing down within a matter of minutes! Staying LOYAL to her bae Josh, Georgia was not about to jump ship for a model but we all know now that was the wrong choice.

Eyal Love Island
Jordan Love Island

Where Will You be Watching?

No matter whether you’re chillin with your mates, sunning it outside or curled up under the duvet, it’s sure to be a good one! Love Island Final Monday 30th July 9pm.

(Photo Credit: @loveisland instagram and LoveIslandITV2 Facebook)

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