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Love Island: The Inside Scoop

It’s official! ITV2 has announced that Love Island is set to return to our screens in just over 10 days. That’s right, our fave show will start with a whole new series on Monday 28th June.

As the Official Activewear Partner for this season, we’ve caught up with some of our fave Islanders from previous years to get the inside scoop on all things Love Island! From their fave moments to their fitness regimes, get the low down on Joanna, Molly and Jack right here!

Joanna (@joannachimonides)

What advice would you give to this year’s islanders?
Stay true to who you are and embrace the experience! Cherish every second because it’s literally a once in a lifetime opportunity you’ll remember forever!!

What was the best moment of your time in the villa?
I think in Casa amour! Everyone just had such a laugh!

What would you change about your time in the villa?
Nothing! Everything went the way it was supposed to and everything in life happens for a reason! I loved my time on the show and now I’m doing everything I’ve always wanted to do!!

If you’d have won, money or relationship?
Relationship! Relationships are way more valuable than money! I believe money comes and goes but love and relationships don’t! (Well the majority of the time haha)

Are you still friends with any of your fellow Islanders?
Yes! Everyone! But I have also grown a super strong friendship with previous islanders too! They’re all amazing!!

Molly (@mollysmith19)

What challenges do you think Love Island will face due to Covid rules if they had to hold it in the UK this year?
Well, it’s unlikely to be a long hot summer! I’ve stayed positive though, I have hope this year’s islanders will get to go to an island other than the UK for it!

How has your body image changed since being put in the public eye?
I don’t think it has, I’ve always been healthy and into fitness due to my job so I’d say if anything I’m still doing all the same things I was beforehand.

How has your health and fitness regime changed since Love Island?
I have always been a huge fitness fanatic. I absolutely love working out and challenging myself. So my regime hasn’t changed at all, I’m still loving working out!

Everyone’s body is different; we should embrace what we have!

After spending so much time on camera in a bikini for the show how did that affect your confidence?
I think due to modelling I’ve been used to being in bikinis and underwear for photo shoots so it didn’t really affect me. Everyone’s body is different; we should embrace what we have!

What is your favourite body part?
My nose! Believe it or not I get compliments on how ‘small’ and ‘cute’ it is!

Jack (@_jackfowler_)

What was your fitness regime like to prepare for entering the villa?
I train every day anyway but I definitely put more of a focus on my football so I was always relatively fit.

How important was it to look peak condition while on the show?
I obviously wanted to look the best I could if I was going to be topless on national TV all summer, but my main focus was on wanting to be healthy. I definitely didn’t diet at all; I enjoy my food too much!

How difficult was it to maintain fitness standards post villa?
I was so busy after the show that it was actually pretty difficult to find time to train. We were all constantly on the move going to different events and interviews etc, so I did struggle to get into the gym.

How long did it take to decide your wardrobe before you went on the series?
Honestly? I was working right up until I left for the show so I literally just emptied my wardrobe into a couple of suitcases.

How often did you use the gym whilst in the villa?
It was really handy having the gym in the villa, I think I used it pretty much every day.


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