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“They Call Me Movie Meekz”: Meekz Is BACK

You heard it here first, Meekz is back on the scene!

Following the release of his latest new single ‘Mini Me’s’ and an exclusive screening to launch the music video, Meekz is back in a big way.


We hooked up with Manchester’s most mysterious rapper to create an intimate VIP screening of his new music vid to his just-dropped single, ‘Mini Me’s’, and chat with Meekz about Air Max’s, new music, and the inspo behind the track.


Hosted at Manchester’s very own Vue cinema in the Printworks, this night literally was a movie 🎬


Meekz 🤝 Manny

After a short stint of staying quiet, Meekz has been busy cooking…


Now, he’s making a big comeback, starting with a homecoming takeover. Last night, we hosted Meekz’s official first screening of the music video to ‘Mini Me’s’. Meekz grew up in Manny, so the city’s close to his heart. It’s only right that we took over one of Manchester’s most iconic spots to launch the video!


With Meekz and his mandem on the scene, we hit up the Printworks’ Vue cinema with an audience of creatives, artists and tastemakers to be the first eyes and ears on ‘Mini Me’s’. We even gave some of Meekz’s loyal fans the chance to be in the crowd!


At the cinema, the energy was electric. We created the full cinema experience for Meekz, taking cues from the video to bring the blockbuster vibes. The theatre was decked out with Meekz mini-me’s and mannequins kitted out in full Nike Tech fleece ‘fits, ‘Mini Me’s’ music video posters and a mega 3D media board – photo ops incoming 📸


Not stopping there, our VIP audience got JD x Meekz branded popcorn boxes and drinks, and custom tickets at the door.


After the screening, Meekz caught up with Billy The GOAT for a Q&A session.


Behind The Mask

We all know that Meekz is an enigma in the scene – he rarely gives interviews and only a handful have seen his face.


That’s why we’re buzzing to have had the chance to catch up with him exclusively! Meekz answered some questions for us about how the rap scene has changed, and what’s coming up next. Check the interview here.


What’s the inspiration behind the Mini Me track and music video? 

“With being away for a while, it’s only right I had to set the levels again. So many mini me’s have appeared, which is flattering. I just felt the need to address the obvious.”


On your Airmax’s track, you say 110s. Settle an argument – is it 110s or 95s?

“There is no argument, It’s 110’s… if you’re from ends.”


What’s your favourite Nike trainer?

“110’s or some Air Max’s.”


What’s next in store for you? New music, new shows?


(We told you he’s mysterious! 🤔)


It’s been 5 years since you hit the music scene, what’s been your favourite moment so far?

“No way that’s mad, I didn’t even realise because I’ve been having so much fun. I’ve had many favourite moments, but I think this video is definitely one of them.”


How do you think the Manchester rap scene changed since you started out?

“It’s come a long way, and the music industry as a whole has grown a lot since I started which is great.”


What’s your process for writing new music? What gets you in the headspace?

“A lot of the times I don’t write, I just catch a vibe and ride the beat in the direction it takes me. Or sometimes, the opposite direction. I think I lock away from the world and cut off all connections with outside energies. But since we’re asking, I’ve been trying to write a lot more in preparation for my album.”


You’ve been known as a bit of a mystery, what made you want to connect with the fans with this new video and launch event?

“To be honest, I just felt like it’s more for the people who have been involved and the people who have supported me along this journey. There’s been a lot of work that’s gone into making this one happen, and it’s a MOVIE so it’s only right. I always wanted to do a cinema screening, they call me Movie Meekz.”


You’ve worked with the likes of Dave and Central Cee in the past, who would be your dream collab?

“They always say you want what you can’t have, and for me it would be the likes of Michael Jackson or 2Pac.”


Stream Meekz’s brand-new music video for ‘Mini Me’s’ right here, and shop his Nike Tech fleece ‘fit at JD right now!


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