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Most Popular Trainers of the Year

The year is drawing to a close and Christmas is just around the corner! 2024 is coming…

For now, let us reflect briefly on 2023; dissecting the trends that defined the year.


From a trainer-centric perspective, 2023 saw familiar faces, emerging trends and disruptive newcomers.


Here at JD, we’ve combed through the data to review the top trainers of the year 2023.


We’ve decided to present the data in the following categories: Which was the most popular of 2023? Which trainers appeared most on screen? Which were the most searched on the internet? And finally, which were the most resold online?


JD presents 2023 in review: the kicks we’ve not stopped talking about all year.


JD Presents: Most Popular Trainers of 2023!

Let’s begin with the big one. What were the best trainers of 2023? Which came to define our past 12 months?

If this were Spotify, this would be the global charts.

Jordan 1

2023 belongs to Jordan 1. Designed by its namesake, Basketball royalty Michael Jordan, these shoes secured their own Hollywood production in 2023 with the release of ‘Air’ – a biopic detailing the origin of the sneakers.


We can’t figure if Hollywood was the main driver of Jordan’s triumph or simply their reputation as a solid, versatile shoe.


They’ve been a staple of popular culture since their inception in the ’80s. An evergreen favourite, a masterful shoe, fit for every ‘drobe.

Air Force 1

The Air Force 1 is up next. Air Force 1’s are universally beloved, with their runner-up medal being confirmation of this fact.


Classic silhouettes, universal colourways and versatile styling options. Air Force 1’s can be seen on the feet of everyone, from year nines to dads.


Consistently everyone’s favourite shoe. Big up.

Nike Dunk

The second instance of Basketball Shoe representation.


Nike Dunk has had a stellar 2023. Beloved on the court and by skaters alike, Dunks have ingrained themselves in culture since 1985 inception.


Right now, you are more likely to find a pair on the tube than on the Basketball court, having been embraced by the streetwear world.


Dunks have been floating around the mainstream for a while now. While 2023 should not be remembered as their peak – this is another solid entrance for a beloved shoe.


Nike stayed winning.

Jordan 4

The fourth and final entrance of a Nike shoe. This time, the cousin of the leader, the Nike Air Jordan 4. Not to be confused with the Nike Air Jordan 1.


Debuting in 1989, following the Air Jordan 3, the Air Jordan 4’s are a constant fan favourite.


Like the 1’s, they were designed as Basketball shoes. In the same way as the 1’s, they have since become streetwear picks for their colourful, versatile and stylish design.

New Balance 327

Finally, an entrant that isn’t Nike.


Capping a progressive year for New Balance, their star asset, the 327, sneaks into the top 5.


In truth, all New Balance thrived in 2023. But ultimately, it was the 327 that reigned the most popular due to their low-key design, versatile colourways, and unique silhouette.


New Balance 327’s are being repped all over, from Tyneside to Soho. A good 2023 for the American brand.


JD Presents: Trainers Most Seen on Screen in 2023!

Which trainers popped up the most frequently on our screens in 2023? From Netflix & Amazon and even Freeview – we often look to on-screen idols for fashion inspiration. 2023 was no different. Art imitates life; life informs our style.


But which shoes appeared the most on-screen in 2023? We looked into that.


Jordan 1

Following Jordan’s victory in the most popular category, Basketball shoes again took the trophy in the on-screen category.


2023 has been a popular year for Jordan, appearing on our screens on 93 occasions.


A Hollywood shoe if we’ve ever seen one.

Nike Air Force 1

In the second repeat of the first category, Nike Air Force 1 is second place in the on-screen award.


Like the Air Jordans – it’s easy to see how they arrived at this position. Air Force 1’s are a versatile and stylish classic, fit for the big (and small) screen.

Converse All Star

The first entrance that wasn’t also represented on the most popular list.


Converse All Star has proven popular on set this year. We’re not shocked to see them included in this list, as they work alongside a range of styles and are famed for their ability to tie a ‘fit together.

Vans Old Skool

Vans Old Skool featuring makes sense for reasons similar to Converse.


The infamous skate shoes represent a popular choice for producers due to their timeless versatility, design and understated presence.

Nike Dunk

The final entrance on this list also imitates the best of category.


The Dunks have had a stellar year, not unnoticed by wardrobe teams. Dunks appeared on our screens a grand total of 48 times. They were the 5th most popular choice in 2023.


JD Presents: Most Searched For Trainers in 2023!

Which trainers incurred the most Google searches in 2023? We’ve broken this down on a monthly basis to create an average across 12 months.


Jordan 4

The mighty, slightly less popular Jordan silhouette. Jordan 4 was the most popular for search volume in 2023.


This year, Jordan 4 Google searches reached an average of 249,000 per month, 48,000 more than the nearest competitor.


A total white-wash victory!

Nike Air Force 1

In this category and with an entrance so high, we could argue that Air Force 1’s being 2023’s most aggressively dominant shoe.


There appears to be no end to their popularity as, according to Google, this manifested as 210,000 searches per month. An impressive total to add amongst their growing list of accolades.


2023 belongs to you, Nike Air Force 1!

New Balance 327

New Balance 327 was next, coming third overall.


To achieve this, they managed an average monthly search volume of 175,000, demonstrating their surging popularity as one of the standout shoes of 2023.

New Balance 550

It didn’t stop there for New Balance!
The Boston-born brand strikes again with another entrance, the New Balance 550.


The 550’s were the 4th most searched for shoe in the world in 2023. To achieve that figure – the 550’s racked up a monthly average of 171,000 searches per month.


Impressive stuff from New Balance.

Jordan 1

2023’s best trainer, and most on-screen trainer, was also the 5th most searched-for trainer. Surprised? In 2023, the Jordan 1 was able to incur an average monthly search volume of 151,000.


JD Presents: Most Resold Trainers in 2023!

In this category, we work out which trainers were resold most aside from mainstream markets. What does this indicate? Perhaps rarity? A demand from Sneakerheads? In other words, street credibility?


Nike Dunk

Dunks featured as the number one most resold trainers in 2023, accounting for 26% of the top 100 resold kicks and wrapping up a popular year for the shoe.

Jordan 1

Another strong category for Nike Air Jordan 1. Of the top 100 resold kicks in 2023, Air Jordan 1’s accounted for 17% of the top 100, giving them a well-deserved second place.


YEEZY matched the Jordan 1’s with a total of 17%.

Jordan 4

Jordan 4’s were resold less than the Jordan 1s. Having said that, 4th place is still a respectable finish, with the Jordan 4s finishing on an admirable 10% of the top 100.

Nike Air Force 1

Air Force 1 was slightly weaker in this category.


Still everybody’s favourite rotation staple, Air Force 1 finished 2023 as responsible for 5% of the top 100 most resold trainers in 2023.



And that’s a wrap!


Did you participate in any of the trends below? How did you feel about them? Did you loathe or celebrate any in particular?


2023 was shared evenly amongst classics and trailblazers. Tastes ranged from staples like Air Force 1s, to newcomers like New Balance 327s – Of course, with some Jordans sprinkled in for good measure.


Britain remains a land of sneakerheads, New Balance gave Nike a run for their money and Air Jordan is crowned the king of trainers.


We’re excited to see what 2024 brings!



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