JD Sports | June 21, 2018

Namaste! It’s International Yoga Day

Today celebrates the 4th annual International Yoga Day with yoga fanatics rolling out their mats all over the world ready to downward dog their way to a more positive attitude. With the likes of Posh and Becks, JT and Queen Bey herself already converted to a life full of yoga, we’ve rounded up the top 5 reasons you should be jumpin’ on the hype:

Yoga good for your life

Tone That Booty

You’ve squatted your way to the gym and back, you’ve booty bounced through every sesh and still you aint seeing the results you’re after. Don’t panic! Yoga is known to tone muscles like no HIIT, core or cardio session can.

Completing a set of yoga poses, concentrating on certain muscles and strengthening your body every step of the way can tone that booty in no time. Go from J-No to J-Lo starting now!

De-Stress With Some Me-Time

Reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure and even boosting a good nights sleep, Yoga has got it goin’ on! Focusing your mind away from the stress of Love Island, the World Cup and what to wear on Saturday night, yoga can take you to a de-stressed state of mind. With a few simple meditation exercises, deep breaths and leg stretches, you’ll be on your way to Nama’slaying your day in no time!

Yoga bootie boost
Yoga bootie boost

Strength Training

Elongating your muscles, working on reducing any tension and building on stamina, yoga is fab for strengthening your whole body. Adding this bad boy into your weekly workout routine can make sure to strengthen those muscles after they’ve been stretched, squeezed and prodded in any hard core gym sesh.

Ease That Muscle or Joint Pain

After a BNO on the weekend, session of strutting it like a Queen or workin’ hard in the gym, you might be feelin’ some tension, aches or pains cos you’ve been working those muscles hard. Yoga can help to relieve muscle tension and joint pain by stretching out every inch of your body. From the downward dog to stretch out your back to the sun salutation for your chest and arms; wave cya to those annoying aches and pains.

Yoga good vibes
Yoga good vibes

Vibe Up Your Life

Above all else, yoga is boosting those positive vibes all day long; with stress relieving , body toning and meditation all rolled into one! Complete a sesh in the morning and you’ll be prepped for working hard or finish your day with yoga before hitting ya bed.

Boosting creativity, positivity and an all-around de-stressed lifestyle, the positive vibes are never ending with yoga. Take the time to focus on you and the rest will follow!

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