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NBA Finals 2020: Lakers Vs Heat – How To Watch

The playoffs are over and now we’ve got our two 2020 NBA finalists – the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. The Lakers swept past the Denver Nuggets in 5 (4-1) while the Florida team dispatched of the Boston Celtics (4-2) without too much stress.

The Low-Down

The Lakers – led by LeBron and Anthony Davis seemed destined for the finals since day one of the season. They’ve done what was expected of them but the 16-time NBA Champions will not have it easy.  The Miami Heat have rebuilt substantially and very well since LBJ left the team to go back to Cleveland (before his eventual move to LA) in 2014, and their place in the finals is somewhat unexpected.

But it’s not un-earned, their path to get here was arguably more difficult than their counterparts – having to get past strong Bucks and Celtics sides. They successfully fought past both while remaining in control nearly the entire time. Led by the cut-throat Jimmy Butler, Heat’s relative rookies Bam Adebayo and Duncan Robinson have never shied away from the spotlight while total newbie Tyler Herro has been an unexpected, err, hero.

NBA 2020 Finals Schedule

The NBA Finals is a best of 7 series are they are set to begin on Wednesday September 30th (the early hours of Thursday here) and could run through until October 13th, depending on how many games will be necessary.

Here is when they will be played:

Game 1

Heat vs Lakers – October 1 – 1:45AM

Game 2

Heat vs Lakers – October 3 – 1:45AM

Game 3

Lakers vs Heat – October 5 – 0:15AM

Game 4

Lakers vs Heat – October 7 – 1:45AM

Game 5

Heat vs Lakers – October 10

Game 6

Lakers vs Heat – October 12

Game 7

Heat vs Lakers – October 14

When Can I Watch?

The NBA is broadcast in the UK on Sky Sports, and you can watch every game on Sky Sports Arena.

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