JD Official | August 9, 2019

New Balance x Jaden Smith

New Balance are switching things up – always looking to make an impact!

Following their recent “Runs in The Family” campaign, New Balance has linked up with some of the biggest names in sport and music – including Sadio Mane of Liverpool FC and Kawhi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers.

One of the biggest names in their line-up of brand ambassadors is Jaden Smith!

Jaden Smith New Balance

Jaden’s Story

The “Runs in the Family” campaign is centred around standing up to convention, and no one disrupts the norm better than Jaden.

Unashamedly independent in his thinking, Jaden has torn up the rule book with his music – droppin’ two albums (Syre and Erys) that standout from the crowd and bring something fresh to the table. Along with this, Jaden’s also known for his unique look. Crafting out his own style and reppin’ pink hair, his look is all about contrast.

Raising awareness to and providing solutions for environmental issues, he’s committed to his vision of the future.  With the support of his family and friends, he’s given the focus and grounding he needs to excel!

Jaden’s uniqueness and vision lines up perfectly with New Balance and their latest line of 997H trainers. Inspired by the past, New Balance have created some bold sneakers that go their own way!

Jaden Smith New Balance 997H

Bringin’ an essential runner look, these sneakers switch things up with contrast style and standout tech for a fresh look and feel.

With New Balance choosing to go a different path, and with the likes of Jaden Smith coming along for the ride, it’s all about doing things differently…

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