JD Official | November 13, 2020

New to JD: Sustainable Essentials

Conscious about your impact on the planet? Well the latest brand to hit JD is probably for you! With an aim to create greener, more sustainable products, Sustainable Essentials updates everyday staples with sustainable fabrics!

Wanna’ better your carbon footprint? Find out more about the latest drop right here. ?


If you’ve not been listening to David Attenborough the past few years, what’ve you been doing with yourself? We all need to make choices to be kinder to the planet right now, and as well as recycling and stepping away from single-use plastics, what you choose to wear can help too!

Sustainable Essentials

With Sustainable Essentials, the clue is in the name! This brand has dropped a whole range of everyday essentials, created using sustainable fabrics.

For easy everyday comfort, check out their tees and polo shirts – created using 100% organic cotton fabric. Add an extra layer of comfort with their range of hoodies and sweatshirts, landing in a whole load of colourways. Made from a blend that includes recycled polyester, Sustainable Essentials’ hoodies, sweatshirts and joggers all offer maximum comfort but a smaller carbon footprint i.e. kinder to the environment!

As well as eco-friendly ‘fits, the brand goes one step further. All packaging is biodegradable and any labels and tags are made from recycled paper. ♻️


Shop the Collection

Wanna’ do you bit for the planet? Check out the complete Sustainable Essentials collection on site now!

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