JD Official | August 8, 2018

Outside the Box: Pusha T and the POD

At the launch of the adidas Originals POD in London last week, JD got the chance to sit down with rapper Pusha T for a v.special episode of Outside the Box. Not seen it before? This is where we talk everything trainers, musicians and the culture that surrounds them both….

Since King Push broke into mainstream consciousness in the early 2000s, he’s continued to push boundaries and make waves in the industry right up to today with his fire new album Daytona. During this ep, Craig Mitch gets the low down on Pusha T’s inspiration; from growing up in Virginia, to being tight with Timbaland.

Not only getting the deets on his music career, Craig explores adi’s latest silhouette; the POD System. Dubbed “so fire” by Pusha T himself, this silhouette’s not one to miss.

Wanna cop? Shop adidas Originals POD-S3.1 at JD here.

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