JD Official | November 7, 2022

Pay The Cost: Episode 2

That’s right! After linking up with the Southampton crew in episode one, our latest show ‘Pay the Cost’ is back for a second instalment.

This time round, some of YouTube’s biggest names got together on the shoot of our brand-new JD Christmas TV ad, as KSI, Tobi Brown and our guy Chunkz put each other to the test in ‘Pay the Cost’.


Pay the Cost is all about general knowledge. In teams, our hosts and special guests will go head-to-head, taking it in turns to ask each other multiple choice trivia questions.


Episode 2

Whether it’s questions on science and history or something closer to home, it’s a clash of Beta Squad and Sidemen as three lads turn up the heat on one another.


From Disney lyrics to the smallest country in the world, who’s got all the answers, and who’s taking the L?!


Tune into episode 2 right now!



Looking forward to the next ep? For loads more from the likes of Chunkz, PK Humble, Specs Gonzalez and the rest of our JD gang, make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel, JD Official, so you never miss an ep!

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