JD Official | May 27, 2021

Premium Comf from Calvin Klein

The countdown to June 21st might be ON but that doesn’t mean it’s time to say cya to loungewear. Comfort will a-l-w-a-y-s be key and if there’s one brand you can count on for laidback looks, it’s Calvin Klein.

With everyday essentials and premium layers that will take you from sofa days and indoor hangs, to steppin’ out for plans and even workouts, they’ve got you covered.

Luxe Looks

What’s better than CK freshness? New-in Calvin Klein that’s exclusively available right here at JD. If you wanna’ see how it’s done, influencer Taryl Boothe (@tarylboothe) and model-gal Edie-Rose (@edielibertyrose) are wearing the latest.

Calvin Klein’s been dropping essential underwear since the ‘80s and the branded waistband has become iconic. Not stopping at underwear, they’ve got lounge looks as well as fitness-ready ‘fits for cool comfort – whatever the workout.

Shop Their Style

With hoodies, tees, tights, boxers and more, Calvin Klein’s got premium looks from head-to-toe. Takes notes from Taryl and Edie-Rose, step up your ‘fit and shop the latest now – including only-at-JD heat!

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