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Revisiting Retro: Essential ’90s Looks Today

30 years ago it was 1990. Edwards Scissorhands was a hit at the box office and his doomed romance broke the hearts of every teenager in the country. That summer, England plummeted out of the World Cup in Italy after losing on penalties to Germany, of course. The latter broke the hearts of everybody else.

As for the fashion, the bold colours and the loud neon of the ’80s was still around, but in the ’90s grunge and hip-hop culture started to bleed into the mainstream.

As bands like Nirvana and Run-D.M.C. outgrew their genres, while TV shows like Friends (flannel shirts and large crew neck sweats) and The Fresh Prince (colour blocking and polka dots) also had iconic fashion styles, the 1990s was a melting pot for style and fashion inspo.

And like all trends and movements: what goes around, comes around – even Justin Timberlake (another ’90s boy-band icon) said so.

So, what modern day fashion staples can give you that ‘too cool to even care’ ’90s style you’re after? Take a look…

Crew Neck Sweatshirts

What’s more ’90s than Biggie? Not much, is the answer. Few things had an impact on culture like hip-hop, both the West Coast and the New York ‘boom-bap’ sound.  The crew neck look was big 30 years ago and it still is now and there’s nothing that says ‘retro’ like a sweater with The Notorious B.I.G. stamped to the front of it.


As for a brand that’s always nodding to the past, adidas Originals are the GOATs when it comes to nostalgia. You see the Trefoil and you think ‘vintage’, even if it’s brand new. The colour blocking on this men’s sweat just adds to the undeniable ’90s aesthetic.

Summer Shapes

Jump into Summer 2020 like it’s Summer 1990 – whether that be loose-fitting denim or loud colours on tees and hoodies, which are impossible to ignore.


Levi’s has been the go-to brand for denim since forever, and while the washed-out double denim look of the ’90s is probably better left in the past, the washed-out part is still a hot look today. Dungarees make a hassle-free, casual summer look and you can pair them with just about any tee you like.

A Levi’s hoodie will give you a subtle, washed-out/just out of bed look straight out of Saved By The Bell.

Alternative ’90s staples include going for a tie-dye and acid washed effect, which was everywhere 30 years ago. It’s still a wavy vibe now and can be paired with denim shorts or jeans and give you a look that says you’re about to jump on your board and hit the Venice Beach promenade.

Zip Up and Stand Out

We all love the English sun, but the reality is it doesn’t stay around for long and Summer is never usually as scorching as we dreamed. No worries, more layers means more wavy garms and Italian sportswear staples, Fila have cornered the market when it comes to nostalgia.


Want that NYC Run-D.M.C. fashion look? The group were almost always kitted out in the Trefoil so any adidas Originals track top or light jacket is going to give you that East Coast fit.

T-Shirt Weather

Ok, so we got a little down on the English weather but we will get at least a few sunny days in May and June and maybe July if we are lucky.


But the second those clouds part it’s time to show off our fliest and loudest tees. Whether you’re going for Grunge, Hip-Hop or West Coast skate culture, tees are one of the easiest and most effective ways to rock that ’90s look.


Sneaks for the Street

You can be rockin’ the most fire throwback look but without the right footwear to complete the look you’re gonna’ be fighting a losing battle.


Luckily, trainers with heritage and deep-rotted nods to the past are EVERYWHERE currently, from the newly released PUMA Future Rider kicks in every neon colour under the sun to the always classic Vans Era canvas treads and any New Balance silhouette.


Feeling inspired? Go ’90s mad. Check the latest on JD right now.

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