JD Official | October 9, 2023

Skate Legends Take Paris: Vans x Dime

With Paris Fashion Week in full flow, we linked up with the guys at Vans and Dime for a fully loaded weekend to celebrate all things skateboarding and its rise in the fashion game.

Bringin’ together some of our fave names from the skate community across Europe, we headed to the French capital for an epic weekend.


Kitted out in iconic Sidestripe style, here’s the story of our trip to Paris! 🛹


Goin’ Aerial

Joining us for the adventure in the iconic fashion city were Ethan Richards (@bushybroweth), Thanh Ha Bui (@tanabuii), Josh Brown (@mr.b.rown), Steven Bolongi (@8marvell), Andy Waak (@andywaak), Jorge Membrillo (@jmembrillog), Raymond La (@rymndla) and Red Longo (@redlongo).


Reppin’ signature Vans essentials as the sun was shinin’, our crew levelled up their skills on the board with fresh tips and tricks from the skate instructor.


Following a day full of successful and failed attempts at kickflips, ollies and droppin’ in, it was time to gear up for the evening and step to the Vans x Dime welcome party! Taking place on the Fluctuart (a floating urban art centre barge for those that don’t know 👀), it set the tone for a MEGA few days ahead.


When you’re in a place like Paris, you’ve gotta go and see the sights, right? The lads went one better as they laced up in the latest colourways (including JD-exclusives) of timeless Vans trainers – the Rowley Classic and the Knu Skool.


With both heritage designs helping to shape the brand’s landscape throughout the ‘90s and early ‘00s, the reissue models deliver that same feel in fresh settings. Whether it was the streets of the local arrondissements or the ‘gram-ready views of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, they were pairing up the skate sneakers with statement Vans tees and loose-cut trousers and jorts.


And after a full day of seeing all the sights that Paris had to offer, we got set for a BIG night ahead! Freshening up for the exclusive Vans x Dime pop-up show, get following us on the socials – @jdsports – to see more behind-the-scenes access of what went down…📲



To wrap up our time in Paris, day three took us to Vans’ mystery skate camp, where freestyle tricks were a go! Immersed in the atmosphere, Steven thought he’d show off his flow on the decks, putting in a set for the gang! 🎧🎛


But we weren’t done. There was one last surprise for the crew as the man the Rowley Classic is based upon, Geoff Rowley, showed up to see what the gang had to offer. The British skate legend even made time to sign some Vans for a custom look like no other!


Into your skating, or just love the style? Check out our Vans collection online right now.

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