JD Official | June 11, 2020

Sport Films for Your Lockdown Watchlist

Watchlist running on empty and need a sports fix?

With major sports events being put on hold RN, live sport has entered a lull period. To help fill the gap during these sports-less times, we’ve put together a list of top films for the starving super-fans.

Bringin’ a perf’ mix of comedy, drama, heart break and more, these films will feed your sporting appetite. Game, set, watch.

Rocky, 1976

The ultimate throwback. With a rags-to-riches journey of a boxer, an iconic soundtrack and an old school workout montage, it’s fair to say that Rocky is a classic sports film. It’s the perfect tale of the underdog fighting all odds stacked against him and will set you on your own binge journey all the way through to Creed II.

Coach Carter, 2005

Based on a true story, Coach Carter is all about achieving greatness in a team and shows that sport is so much more than winning. Samuel L Jackson takes over a high school b-ball team and coaches the guys to up their performance in the courts and classes. Everyone…”Rich-what, Richmond!”.

Rush, 2013

Rush is the story of rivalry between two F1 legends in the glam gold age of racing. Their unmatched rivalry pushes them to the limits, and when only one can come out on top, there’s no stopping to reach first place. You don’t have to be a motor sports fan to watch this, it’s a Hollywood all-rounder!

The Karate Kid, 1984

The Karate Kid (the OG, not the remake) is classic story of how an unlikely duo combine to help fight adversity. Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel LaRusso martial arts in order to defend himself in a tournament against bullies at his school. Cheesy but entertaining, this film is a golden oldie.

Happy Gilmore, 1996

This is the story of a wannabe hockey player with limited talent but wicked slap-shot turned temperamental golfer looking to win enough money to buy back his grandmother’s house. With plenty of uber-Sandler comedy, a little bit of heart and just the right amount of golf, it’s eternally quotable and is the ideal movie to lift the spirits during these sports-less times.

Bend It Like Beckham, 2002

A coming of age and girl power classic, Bend It Like Beckham is about bending the rules to reach your goal. Not only did this film give women’s football a platform, but it inspired gals to get up and go for their dreams! Exploring kick-abouts in the park to free-kicks in the final, this film is a fam fave.

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