JD Official | August 15, 2019

Start Your Weekend With Krystal Roxx

Getting you motivated and ready for the weekend, Krystal Roxx is back once again with the Superfoxx Podcast on JDX!

Bringin’ you all the essential tracks to get you hyped up and feelin’ those off-duty vibes, this week’s podcast sees Krystal chat to Chelcee Grimes about everything from the Women’s World Cup to overcoming obstacles!

You don’t wanna miss it!

Gettin’ The Party Started

Kicking things off, Krystal brings us some fresh Sam Smith with his dance floor filler ‘How Do You Sleep?’ Switchin’ things up from his usual style with this banger, Krystal also encourages everyone to check out the video where Sam shows us his moves!

Changin’ the pace, Sigala and Becky Hill make an appearance with ‘Wish You Well’ before Whitney and Kygo give us some ‘Higher Love’.

Hypin’ up the next track, Krystal says she can’t get enough of this Scottish artist, especially after his T-shirt tribute to Noel Gallagher – it’s the Apollo remix of ‘Someone You Loved’ from Lewis Capaldi!

Droppin’ some smooth vocals on us, the duo of Shawn Mendez and Camilla Cabello make an appearance with their hit ‘Senorita’. Goin’ back-to-back, it’s immediately followed up with a fresh remix of Freya Riding’s ‘Lost Without You’ from TRP.

Krystal Roxx - Superfoxx Playlist

Celebratin’ the gals, Krystal delivers some Mabel with ‘Mad Love’ and lets us know she’s smashing it with banger after banger droppin’ into the top 10 with ease!

Playin’ the tracks that’ll get you vibin’ no matter where you are, Fredo and Mist come through with ‘So High’ before Post Malone turns things up to 11 with ‘Goodbyes’ featuring Young Thug!

After Radio 1 took over Ibiza Rocks and delivered an event like no other with David Guetta, Idris Elba, Annie Mac and loads more, they set the standard high! But with the next Superfoxx party on August 25th, Krystal knows it’s gonna be bigger and better!

With the foxxes taking you through fitness and music to get you feelin’ your best, you can see Krsytal, Jamz Supernova, Olympic Gold medallist Jade Jones and Kelis! Head to the Ibiza Rocks website for tickets!

Krystal then gives us a taste of what we could experience with ‘Trick Me’ from Kelis before takin’ a break from the tunes to talk to musician and Fulham Ladies player, Chelcee Grimes!

Chelcee talks about covering the women’s World Cup for the BBC and how it was amazing to see women’s football thriving, before diving into her own playing history – from starting out at Liverpool to now playing for Fulham.

Chelcee talks about her different career paths from football to music, and tells us about all the obstacles she’s had to overcome to get to this point in her life.

After givin’ us a real insight into her journey, Krystal then finishes things off with Chelcee’s latest track ‘Girls’!

Only On JDX

Get weekend ready and tune in to hear Krystal Roxx on the Superfoxx Podcast, Airing on Thursdays @ 8pm, Fridays @ 5pm, and Saturdays @ 6pm every week – only on JDX!

Wanna listen but don’t know how? All you have to do is download the JD App where you can find JDX radio along with all the essential threads and sneakers to refresh your look for the weekend.

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