JD Sports | September 28, 2018

Staying in Shape this Autumn: Home Workouts to Keep You Fit

Autumn has officially arrived! Winter is waiting around the corner and summer has packed its bags ready for a well-earned vacay. But, when the cold weather arrives and we’re snuggled in all cosy watching WAY too much Netflix, all we want to do is stay in, we don’t wanna head to the gym and we DEFFO don’t wanna do any spin!

But to make sure we stay looking fresh when we’re heading out on autumn walks, trick or treating and exploring Christmas markets (too early?) it’s time to step up your autumn workout routine and stay motivated with all kinds of workouts you can do at home:

resistance band workouts
resistance band workouts

Resistance Band Workout

Working on strengthening, toning and conditioning key muscles, a resistance band workout can take you from feeling fine to divine in no time! This is something you can try anywhere and only takes 15 minutes for you to feel the burn. A resistance band can be used to target arms, legs, core and the booty – all the key areas!

The Workout:

Put the resistance band around your thigh muscles. 15 reps of each exercise with 30-second rest between each. Repeat 3 times!

indoor autumn yoga
indoor yoga autumn


Something to help you focus your mind away from the latest Keeping Up With The Kardashians series and onto something more peaceful, yoga is a must if you need to clear your head and detox. Taking you from a stressed mess to an empress in a matter of minutes, you can work on your core, focus on clearing any negativity from your mind and find some inner peace! Namaste!

The Workout:

Focus on breathing through every position. This will help you to move through each position with ease on your yoga mat.

autumn weight session
weight session at home

Home Weight Session

To strengthen muscles head to toe, weight sessions are FAB! You can target key areas or complete a full body toning session in the comfort of your home. Get your own set of weights or even use something you already have at home.

The Workout:

15 reps of each exercise and repeat the whole workout 4 times with 1 minute rest between each set!

stretching after autumn workout
stretching after autumn workout

P.S. Remember To Stretch

No matter how hard you workout this autumn it is SUPER important to stretch before and after every session. This will keep ya muscles warm and reduce the chance of injury. Set aside AT LEAST 10 mins to stretch from head to toe!

How will you be keepin’ fit this Autumn?

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