JD Official | October 7, 2022

Survey Says: Episode 2

Ready for more conflict? The ultimate survey is back!

Following up the previous ep, we’re sticking with the new format and a brand-new episode of ‘Survey Says: Research and Development’ just dropped.


Missed the rest of the season? ‘Survey Says’ is the biggest and best survey show. We’ve been linkin’ up with a load of JD regulars to debate just how men and women really see each other. It’s all about honesty, relationships, social media and more.


In Research and Development, the gang are challenged to not only give their opinion, but to act out their feelings. They’re resolving some of the toughest, real-life issues via role play! Ready to see what it’s all about?

Episode 2

In the latest episode of ‘Survey Says’, our host and ring-leader Savage Dan (@savagedan10) is joined once again by the ultimate debate crew: Mimi, Hemah, Malaika, Joyce, Miles, Jordy, Lippy and PK.


Takin’ on some more incredible scenarios, who’s got the speed, dexterity and improvisational skills to come out on top?! Tune in now.



Need to catch up on episode 1? Tune in here, and make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel, JD Official, for loads more series’ ft. the likes of Chunkz, Specs and more.

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