JD Official | September 18, 2020

The Ultimate Student Checklist

Headin’ to Uni? We got you!

A new term means a new ‘drobe, right?! Whether you’re hanging out with the crew, going to a lecture or practising your group project on Zoom, we’ve got you covered from head-to-toe in the freshest gear to switch up your freshers look and turn heads on campus.

It can be a pretty mental time packin’ up and movin’ out, the last thing you wanna’ be thinking about is what to wear. We’ve put together the ultimate freshers checklist to get you prepped before you head back to halls. Ready to start adulting? Let’s go!

Sweatshirts & Hoodies ✔️

Let’s get one thing straight, comfort is key. And for days when you’re feelin’ super cosy and are in for a mega Netflix binge, layers keep you feelin’ casual and comfy. Ideal for keepin’ things laidback, sweatshirts and hoodies are a go-to throw on when you need to get from a-to-b. Not to mention they keep you feelin’ warm as autumn arrives!

Box Fresh Creps ✔️

Freshers is the perfect time to bring out your box-fresh creps! From retro icons to the latest heat, you’ll need a go-to pair of sneakers that will carry you through each term. If you’re heading straight from a lecture to the gym the latest trainers will have you feelin’ comf’ and covered. With tech packed styles and old school classics, take your sneaker stack to new levels and bring some heat to your feet on campus.

Face Coverings ✔️

Don’t forget you’ll also need a face covering to keep you protected and covered when you step out –  it isn’t just about preppin’ your ‘drobe before heading back to halls. There’s a whole load of other weekly tasks to tick off when it comes to adulting; laundry day, food shops, exploring the new city you’ve landed in and loads more. Although face coverings are essential RN, they’ve become more than just an essential for public spaces – they’re an accessory. If you’ve gotta’ wear one, you may as well rep one that finishes ya ‘fit in style.

Jackets ✔️

As much as we might not want to admit it, the cold weather is creepin’ upon us. You’re going to need to layer up in something cosy for the commute or walk to uni. Hello new jacket! With functional styles that keep you protected when the weather goes south, the latest coats and jackets on site RN keep you covered from your lecture to your day in the library to off-duty days with the gang.

Flip Flops & Slides ✔️

The unsung hero and your new BFF. Flip flops and slides come thru for more than just communal showers, a pair of slides are your go-to for whole load of uni situations. Slept through your alarm and need to get to a lecture ASAP? Need to take the bins out? Forgotten about laundry day and no clean socks? Our collection of flip flops & slides has uni written all over it.

Bags ✔️

You’ll 100% need a bag that carries your essentials/library books/food shops and more. They are the ultimate essential that will keep you organised whatever the occasion. From practical backpacks to quick access waist bags to duffels ideal for carrying your new kit in once you’ve joined a sports club, a stand out bag will have you prepped for anything this term.


Added ‘em all to your list? Then you’re ready for freshers!

PSA: Students get 10% discount with UNiDAYS! Check out all the essentials on site RN!

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