JD Official | December 6, 2022

The World’s Biggest Arcade Game With Chloe & Chunkz

We turned our Oxford Street store into the biggest EVER arcade game with Snapchat!

Yesterday, we headed down to our JD Oxford Street store with Chunkz and Chloe Burrows, ready to test out our brand-new Snapchat lens.


We created the first ever AR experience with Snapchat, so keep on scrolling for the deets!


The IRL JD Arcade 📲👀

We brought our exclusive ‘King of the Game’ JD Arcade to life, with the launch of our immersive Snapchat lens!


This next-level AR lens turns the outside of our JD Oxford Street store into the world’s biggest arcade game.


Taking inspo from our Christmas TV ad, the filter transforms your surroundings into a gamified grabber machine, filled with stacks of sneakers and signature JD teddy bears straight from the ad! Chloe and Chunkz had a go at using the claw to pick up some JD goodies.


Fancy testing it out yourself?


Head to JD Oxford Street, where you can scan the Snapcode on the store window to access the exclusive lens and compete to be crowned ‘King of the Game’! Or, just point your Snapchat camera at the storefront to unlock the AR experience with Snapchat’s next-level Landmarker tech.


Of course, if you can’t get down to London to try out the lens, we’ll be hosting some pop-up JD Arcades in shopping centres all over the UK, so be sure to check out your closest location!


Peek our snaps of Chloe and Chunkz tryin’ out the lens comin’ soon to Snapchat on @JDOfficial, and check out the Snapcode for yourself below.


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