JD Official | March 28, 2024

Tuckin’ In: Episode 3

We’re back with the FINAL episode of Tuckin’ In!

You know the drill by now – we’ve linked up with Wingstop UK and YouTube’s resident besties Aisha, Muna and Duaa of the Diary Room podcast (@diaryroomhq) for our three-part series.


In the hot seat this time around, it’s YouTuber Nella Rose! You might have seen her in I’m A Celebrity, or presenting Catfish UK and going full-glam at the Brit Awards. Now, she’s turning up the heat with her JD debut 🔥


In case you missed out, you can watch the other eps of Tuckin’ In on our YouTube @JDSportsOfficial. Catch up on the first episode, ft. the Diary Room squad giving the goss, or grilling our very own Darkest Man in ep two!

Bag: Secured 🍗

The Wingstop delivery arrives, and it’s time to hit Nella with some quickfire Q’s. Starting with serious business – favourite sauce. Nella’s answer of, erm, ketchup got the Diary Room girls feeling some type of way, but we move!


Duaa even had to backtrack her answer to choosing chicken or chips for the rest of your life 🤯 ofc, chicken is the correct answer ✅


As well as submissions to the Diary Room’s diary and the round of Word On The Street (still waiting on that Catfish UK season, btw…), the girls chatted with Nella to find out more about buying her new home and taking on new presenting challenges, watch this space!


Then, it’s time for Word Association. Can’t lie, we were all feeling a bit ‘bumfuzzled’ with this one…


We see how high Nella’s spice tolerance is with Do Us A Flavour, where the Diary Room girls ask her a series too-hot-to-handle questions – find out if our girl got past Lemon Pepper in the latest episode of Tuckin’ In below!



Hungry for more? We’ve got stacks more to chew on over on our YouTube channel, featuring Darkest Man, Chunkz and loads more of your faves.

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