JD Sports | December 8, 2018

5 Toned Arm Exercises Your Workout Needs!

You’ve been bossin’ it in the gym, working on that cardio and those abs of steel, but one thing is missing….toned arms!

Hard to work and easy to forget, it can be a slow process to tone up the arms if you’re not focusing on them. To help you get them strong and SUPER toned we’ve found some exercises you need to add to your workout. Thank us later!

Big Up The Bicep Curls

It’s a classic, it’s a must-have and it’s bringin you those super toned arms in no time. Ideal to do at the gym or at home, bicep curls tone those biceps one rep at a time. Once you’ve mastered it you can keep adding to the weight and really feel the burn.

The Workout

Bicep curls
Bicep curls

Dip It Down Low

Tricep dips work the muscles at the back of the arms, and you can try them wherever you are! From the edge of your sofa to the step at the gym, as long as you can lower into a dip, you’re gonna be sculpting those arms.

The Workout

Release That Stress With A Shoulder Press

Sculpting those upper arms, a shoulder press is a MUST in your arm routine. This little exercise can be done alongside some controlled breathing to make sure you’re chilled as hell after a long day.

Focused on strengthening the muscles and toning the whole arm, add these to your workout starting today and you’ll see (and feel!) results in no time.

The Workout

Tricep dips
Shoulder press

The Attack Of The Tricep Push Back

A little harder to master, tricep push backs are all about working the back of those triceps. Once you’ve mastered the technique, this workout will leave your triceps burning to give you the toned arms you’ve been after…

The Workout

Raise it Up! Side to Side

Side raises work every muscle in your arms – with tension specifically on the bicep and tricep. If you want your arms lookin’ fine from every angle, check this one out!

The Workout

side to side toned arms
side to side toned arms

Time for the gym? Add these exercises to your usual workouts and you’ll have those toned arms in no time!

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