JD Official | March 5, 2020

Under Armour: The Only Way is Through

Always looking for new ways to step up your performance, Under Armour’s latest campaign ‘The Only Way is Through’ focuses on getting you reaching your goals. Not only about the work you’re putting in, they’re highlighting some of their most innovative technology, which has been built to put in the work right alongside you.

UA’s never-changing goal is to push you to get better – so their Rush tech was built to let you do just that. To help you perform at the next level.

Get the low down on the latest campaign and find out all about UA’s RUSH technology right here…

‘The Only Way is Through’

Over the past few weeks, The Only Way is Through has been coming to life for Under Armour, with plans for this mentality to continue throughout 2020 and beyond.

It focuses on the value of momentum, and how this pushes athletes and amateurs alike to push themselves more than they even thought possible. Not only changing your mindset, but delivering ground-breaking tech and essential training wear to help to get you reaching your goals faster.

“It’s thinking smarter, working harder, being better than yesterday—through the highest highs and the lowest lows—and being the best version of yourself. That is the ethos of The Only Way Is Through, and it’s why we’re so excited to bring this message—and these stories—to the world.” – Brian Boring, VP of Global Brand Creative, Under Armour

Introducing UA RUSH

Changing the game for training wear, Under Armour’s RUSH fabric has created a whole new generation of performance gear.

Repped by Liverpool FC’s right-back, Trent Alexander Arnold as part of the latest campaign, the RUSH collection promises to work just as hard as you do. ‘You bring the fire. We add fuel’.

RUSH uses mineral-infused fabric, which absorbs the energy you’re putting into a workout, and reflects it right back. Once this has been recycled and reflected back into the muscles, they’re able to work harder – for longer. Powered by Celliant, RUSH’s aim is to offer the same benefits to you as a sauna would. Body heat gets converted into infrared energy, cool right?

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and check out the latest from Under Armour over at JD here.

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