JD Official | August 2, 2023

Upgrade Your School Gear in the Level-Up Lab

Summer might be on RN, but the new school year is just around the corner. If you need to stock up on back-to-school essentials, we’ve got you covered with must-haves from your favourite brands.

Not only supplying everything the kids need to head back in style, we’re letting you upgrade it for FREE. 🤯


That’s right, our Level-Up Lab is heading to JD stores all over the UK! It’s the ultimate customisation station for stepping up your back-to-school stuff.


All you have to do is pick up a new backpack or trainers in-store, then head to the Lab to take it up a level.


We’ve got a range of symbols, stickers, laces, initials and more that you can choose from to get your gear customised and set for school.


Where To Find Us 📍

Are we heading to your local JD store? The Level-Up Lab will be at the below stores at the specified dates – don’t miss it!


Stirling 03.08-04.08 


Glasgow Fort 03.08-04.08 


Edinburgh 05.08-06.08  


Glasgow 05.08-06.08 


Oxford Street 10.08-11.08 


Belfast 10.08-11.08 


Stratford 12.08-13.08 


Dublin 12.08-13.08 


Liverpool 17.08-18.08 


Leicester 17.08-18.08 


Manchester 19.08-20.08 


Birmingham 19.08-20.08 


Leeds 24.08-25.08 


Southampton 24.08-25.08 


Birmingham Fort 26.08-27.08 


Brighton 26.08-27.08 


Reading 31.08-01.09 


Bristol 31.08-01.09 


Bluewater 02.09-03.09 


Cardiff 02.09-03.09 


Terms & Conditions Apply 

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