JD Official | April 8, 2021

Vans: Celebrating Creativity

For decades, Vans have led the way in the skating world with iconic and revolutionary designs that keep them a creative step ahead of the competition.

So, after a year of creativity on hold, in 2021 they’ve done the same again, asking their family of artists to showcase their talent to rep creativity in various forms. From drawings to sculptures, and music videos to custom kicks, they’ve truly taken on an ‘Off the Wall’ approach, producing unique projects from different corners of the world.

Painted Skateboards by Eloise Dorr

Eloise Dorr, an artist based in London, took her passion for skating to create a trio of painted skateboards for this project. The piece puts Vans’ skateboarding history at its heart, featuring three skaters showing off their skills across a streetscape, with checkerboard crossings another nod to the brand’s style.

Checkerboard Pillows by Annabell Lee

Switching between the role of painter, designer and photographer, Annabell Lee, an artist from Los Angeles, has used her flashy ‘80s colour scheme to influence her collection of hand-painted and handsewn pillows. Each individual piece uses the signature checkerboard pattern that’s synonymous of Vans’ old-school style.

Neon Eagle by Dani Bonnet

Danielle Bonnet, aka Dani B, is a neon artist based in LA. She was introduced to the artform back in Las Vegas by her grandparents who ran a commercial neon repair shop. For her project, she produced a 4’ x 4’ neon sign of an eagle that illustrates her views on money, power and freedom in America.

Each month, Vans will feature a new set of artists to celebrate creativity!

Feeling inspired? Check out the latest from Vans right here.

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