JD Official | October 17, 2019

Weekend Vibes with Krystal Roxx

Keepin’ the party going, Krystal Roxx and the Superfoxx podcast is back again on JDX!

Bringin’ fresh new music to get you motivated and ready for the weekend, it’s an essential listen to get you hyped up for those off-duty days.

Listen up and get ready to go…

Krystal Is Here

Kickin’ things off with an Aussie pop star bigger than Kylie, bossing world wide domination and currently Spotify’s most streamed song Tones and I with ‘Dance Monkey’. Movin’ swiftly on, it’s one of Krystal’s faves with Kygo and Whitney bringin’ that ‘Higher Love’, before Karen Harding and Who make an appearance with ‘I Don’t Need Love’ to get you feelin’ those club vibes!

Switchin’ things up and keeping the vibes high, Krystal gets us ready for the next dancefloor sensation and drops Riton X Oliver Heldons, ‘Turn Me On’, and brings a standout bop with Joel Corry ‘Sorry’! Dropping a huge collab, Krystal lays down Meduza, Becky Hill & Goodboys, ‘Lose Control’ before hittin’ us with a super collab, Young T, Bugsey and Aitch are makin’ moves on the music scene with their banger ‘Strike A Pose’ and moving quickly onto everyone’s fave jam with grammy nominated Jorja Smith and Burna Boy, ‘Be Honest’ changing up the tempo.

Reminiscing back to summer and Ibiza Rocks with Craig David and Jack Jones Crew – as well as those legendary pool parties, Krystal lets us know about her female collective line ups that should not be missed next year.

Krystal then finishes things off with her latest release sampling Tetrotronics, ‘Pump Up The Jam’, and the DJ Queen herself and Freak It’ ‘Make My Day’.

Only On JDX

Get weekend ready and tune in to hear Krystal Roxx on the Superfoxx Podcast, Airing on Thursdays @ 8pm, Fridays @ 5pm, and Saturdays @ 6pm every week – only on JDX!

Wanna listen but don’t know how? All you have to do is download the JD App where you can tune into JDX radio 24/7 while coppin’ the latest threads!

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