JD Official | September 12, 2019

Weekend Vibes with Krystal Roxx

Summer might be coming to an end, but you can keep the party going with Krystal Roxx and the Superfoxx podcast on JDX.

Bringin’ fresh new music to get you motivated and ready for the weekend, it’s an essential listen to get you hyped up for those off-duty days.

Listen up and get ready to go…

Krystal Is Here

Kickin’ things off the right way, Krystal drops the latest track from Stormzy and Ed Sheeran where they’re reppin’ their roots and celebratin’ the capital – it’s ‘Take Me Back To London’.

Movin’ swiftly on, it’s one of Krystal’s faves with Kygo and Whitney bringin’ that ‘Higher Love’, before Joel Curry makes an appearance with the James Hype remix of ‘Sorry’ to get you feelin’ those club vibes!

Switchin’ things up, Krystal gets us ready for the next artist by lettin’ us know shes known for her fearless and honest music that shows nothing will hold her back – of course, it’s Lizzo with ‘Truth Hurts’.

krystal roxx

Bringin’ things back to the UK, Mist and Fredo show up with ‘So High’ to get everyone vibin’. Keepin’ the collab theme runnin,’ Bebe Rexha and Jax Jones bring a standout bop with ‘Harder’, before Sam Feldt and Rani lets us all know who they party like with their latest track ‘Post Malone’.

Droppin’ a super collab, Young T, Bugsey and Aitch are makin’ moves on the music scene with their banger ‘Strike A Pose’, before Jorja Smith and Burna Boy change up the tempo with ‘Be Honest’.

Takin’ a break from the music, Krystal lets everyone know that although summer is comin’ to an end, there’s still one more Ibiza Rocks show to look forward to, and it’s gonna be off the scale! With Krystal herself, Jay Carder, Melody Kane, and Stefflon Don, it’s one you don’t wanna miss!

It’s all happening on the 22nd September, so head to the Ibiza Rocks website to bag your tickets!

Krystal then finishes things off with a remix of the future Ibiza Rocks headliner Stefflon Don with ‘Hurtin’ Me’.

Only On JDX

Get weekend ready and tune in to hear Krystal Roxx on the Superfoxx Podcast, Airing on Thursdays @ 8pm, Fridays @ 5pm, and Saturdays @ 6pm every week – only on JDX!

Wanna listen but don’t know how? All you have to do is download the JD App where you can tune into JDX radio 24/7 while coppin’ the latest threads!

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