JD Official | March 28, 2019

Your Weekend Playlist with Superfoxx

Thursday is the new Friday, right? Well Krystal Roxx and the Superfoxx squad are here kick start your weekend.

Taking over JDX with a 40-minute show, Krystal Roxx delivers the ultimate playlist of mega tracks, remixes, and all-round bangers that’ll have you feelin’ those party vibes ready for Friday!

This week’s episode is a classic so don’t miss out on your end of week essential mix.

Superfoxx JDX

Krystal takes control

Bringin’ the tracks that are gonna get you pumped and feelin’ your best self, Krystal gets straight to it with the girl power essentials, droppin’ remixed tracks from Pink, Mable, Ariana Grande, Sigrid, and Little Mix! Givin’ props to Ari for dealing with the paps and biggin’ up Pink’s latest music video, Krystal’s doin’ it for the gals!

Givin’ you a breather with Sam Smith and ‘Dancing With a Stranger’, Krystal lends some time to the guys, celebratin’ fellow superstar DJs Marshmello and Calvin Harris. Shoutin’ out Dave and his rise to success and chart domination, Krystal comes in with an absolute bop from Wiley, Stefflon Don, Sean Paul, and Idris Elba – ‘Boasty’

Finishin’ on the only track that could get you truly ready for the weekend, 50 Cent makes an appearance with ‘In Da Club’

Only on JDX

Make sure you catch up with the Superfoxx Podcast hosted by Krystal Roxx only on JDX.

Airing on Thursdays at 8pm, Friday at 5pm, and Saturday 6pm every week, its your essential listen heading into the weekend.

To listen to JDX Radio download the JD app and listen to the hottest tracks daily while you check out the freshest sneaks and threads.

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