JD Official | November 1, 2021

Balloon Drop: Episode 2

Episode 2 of our brand new series Balloon Drop has just landed!


You’ve seen the vids and the viral TikToks…the aim of the game is simple, don’t let the balloon touch the floor! Every episode, our special guests get three rounds to rack up as many points as poss. To earn a point? They need to be the last person to touch the balloon before it hits the ground!


With plenty of dodgy tactics, sly moves and loads of banter, you don’t wanna’ miss it!




Episode 2

This week, JD regular WillNE (@willne) is back as host and ref! He’s joined by familiar faces Specs (@specsgonzalez), PK Humble (@pk_humble) and AJ Shabeel (@ajshabeel). Who’s walkin’ away with the dub and who’s takin’ the L? Check out the ep to find out:



If you haven’t seen the first episode yet, catch it here and make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel @JDOfficial for more vids every single week!

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