JD Official | February 13, 2020

Celebrating 50 Years: adidas Originals Superstar

First dropping back in the ‘70s, adidas Originals’ iconic Superstar silhouette is celebrating 50 years! Originally built for the courts, it’s evolved from a sports sneak, to a hip hop icon and now a street staple.

Paying homage to the trainer for the 50th anniversary, adidas are shining a light on 5 decades of unmatched legacy at the forefront of culture. Check. It. Out.

Beyond the Court.

From the court to the street, the Superstar has been passed down through decades as the uniform of creatives of all kinds, forever being recognised as a sneaker at the heart of culture.

Standing out as an icon of contemporary design, these throwback trainers have graced the feet of teams and crews worldwide. With new meaning to the crep every time it’s been repped by those on and off the court, the future of the Superstar has been re-imagined.

A go-to for artists, designers, b-ballers and musicians, over the years the Superstar has pushed street culture forward. Worn by b-ball players of the ‘80s the sneaker was also adopted by the hip-hop revolution and became the energy of the youth bringin’ a rise to streetwear mixing hip-hop and sportswear together.

Change is a Team Sport.

Leading the way with innovative performance tech, the Superstar became an on-court fave for b-ball players changing the design of basketball trainers, responding to new levels of the game.

With the durable rubber toe cap and the unmissable shell design for protective wear, the leather upper brought cushioning and grip to keep players locked to the court and stole the show by dropping canvas creps off the sports radar.


Cop ‘Em

Want the ultimate retro sneaker? Add the Superstar to your rotation by checking out the entire Superstar collection on site in men’s and women’s sizing now.


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