JD Women | February 18, 2020

Nike Women Hosted a Night of Self Love

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, last week Nike celebrated the launch of its latest colourway of the iconic Blazer trainer. With red accents emblazoning the swoosh and heeled logo, we think we’ve found our solemate.

Talking all things self-love, mental health talk show host, Desthy Dee led the evening. She was joined by a panel of girl bosses, including Toni Blaze; editor in chief of ‘Wonderland’ magazine, Chloe Pierre; founder of self care club ‘Thy Self’, Jess Young; the nail tech behind ‘Boys In Polish’ challenging toxic masculinity one manicured nail at a time and last but not least, Paula Akpan; founder of mental health project ‘I’m Tired’.

‘You take 2 hours to get ready and you’re still not happy with these pictures, why do you do it if it doesn’t make you happy?’ I was like… A nine year old just put me in my place.”

– Desthy Dee (BBC Radio London talk show host)


Admitting to their their self care faux pas and how they’ve learned to overcome their insecurities, the girls discussed how founding such projects has allowed them to act as a voice for like-minded individuals in their communities. Chloe Pierre aka ‘Thy Self’ in particular shared a story of how one of her female event attendees had blossomed from a quiet introverted individual to one day entering the room with a newfound sense of confidence, embracing a full face of make-up and a slicked back hair do; opening up her face. Pierre exclaimed “She came through the door like there was a spotlight on her…I just felt like she had grown. My inspiration is doing what I’m doing and seeing people grow from it.” 

While host, Desthy opened up about her reasons for no longer blogging in an over saturated industry as she quite frankly just didn’t enjoy it anymore, an awakening she discovered when shooting content with her younger, nine year old niece. Admitting she jokingly mocked her for spending two hours getting ready to photograph herself and still feeling so unhappy with the outcome. A sitch I think we can all relate to, we shoot 99 pics but only post one.

And the moral of the story, why do you do it if it doesn’t make you happy?

“I buy one of those £3 face masks on a Sunday like ‘oh my god, I love myself’ and post an Insta story with one of those stickers like ‘Self Care Sunday’“.

– Toni Blaze (Editor in Chief of ‘Wonderland’)

How do you practice self care? For us, it’s all about treating yourself. ?

You can make the Nike Blazer ‘Mid 77 yours, online now.

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