JD Official | January 16, 2023

Champions League of Everything: Episode 24

Kick-back and get comfy because we’ve just dropped a special ep of ‘Pay the Cost’ with the Champions League of Everything crew!

On a standard ep of ‘Pay the Cost’, our special guests face off in a game of trivia, taking it in turns to ask other multiple-choice questions. Each set of questions is tailored to every player’s personality, with 10 points up for grabs if they get it right. Get it wrong, however, and the other player can jump in and steal the points…


But this time, we’re getting our Champions League of Everything squad to pair up and go head-to-head!



Episode 24

In an extra special ep of Pay the Cost, our Champions League of Everything crew have come together to prove who’s got the best music and general knowledge tekkers. With Chuckie hosting, Lippy and Tazer are going head-to-head with Mimi and Margs in the ultimate music trivia quiz!


Which team’s racking up points, and which is takin’ the L?



Check out the previous episode of Pay the Cost and Champions League of Everything! Make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel JDOfficial so you don’t miss any upcoming action.

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