#CHUCKMEMORIES – Meet Scott Cruft

Converse Chuck Taylors – we’ve all had a pair, we’ve all got the memories. We managed to steal 5 minutes of influencer Scott Cruft’s time to talk all things Converse on our #chuckmemories shoot…

1. What’s your earliest memory of Converse?

I’ve worn Converse since I was young, I used to skate in them! Unfortunately though, this meant I shred through so many pairs haha!

2. What’s your #chuckmemory?

My #chuckmemory begins on one of my holidays in Cali! I remember visiting the Converse store and buying a pair of Converse x Ozzy Osborne’s! I was only 8 but my taste was on point!

3. What does Converse mean to you?

For me, Converse means simplicity. They’re timeless.

4. How does Converse complement your style?

My style is always changing but I can always find space for a pair of Chucks. If I had to describe converse in 3 words I’d say; simple, durable and original.

And there you have it, short and sweet – or in the words of Scott, simple and original…



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