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Crocs Classic Clog: Which One Are You?

To some, the Crocs Classics Clog is unconventional, to others they’re a symbol of innovation. What are they to you?


Crocs is known for many designs but it’s the Classic Clog that leads the line-up. Snowballing in popularity over the last few years, thanks to its versatility, it’s become a staple pick.

The Trend Setter 👀

Individualism is at the core of what Crocs is about. If setting trends is what you do, the Classic Clog ensures you’ll always be ahead of the curve.


An iconic style combines with uncompromising comfort, so you can pave your own way with passion and purpose.


With stacks of styling choices, how and where are you going to flex them? Cargos for a city linkup? Joggers for a well-earned lazy day? The choice is yours – and they’re endless!

In Your Jibbitz Era ✨

There’s nobody better at being you than, well, you. Be proud of that and take trendsetting to a whole new level by being uniquely YOU.


Make no apologies for what makes you different. In fact, go one step further and celebrate it! Our range of Jibbitz Charms is one of many ways you can do that.



The number thirteen. Unlucky for some. But with the Classic Clog, that’s how many ventilation ports you have when it comes to customising your sandals.


Whether you’re a sports nut or just want to add your own special flair to your favourite footwear, we’ve got loads of Jibbitz Charms to amp up your look.

Sports Mode Activated 🎾

On the topic of being fanatical about sports… is the Classic Clog your choice for resting up after an intense training session? The importance of a supportive feel can’t be overstated when it comes to fitness.


From arriving to 5-aside for a quick change into football boots, to slipping back into the familiar feeling of snugness. Crocs’ Classic Clogs is essential for when you’re active and when you’re taking it easy.

The Perfect Pair 💖

We’ve no doubt you love your special someone, but we bet you’re fed up with them forever just ‘borrowing’ your Classic Clogs.



What better time to become The Perfect Pair? Cop your significant other a snappy style and you’ll no longer have to wonder where yours have wandered off to.


Scenic strolls to settling in on the sofa, getting comfy in your Crocs with your soulmate is the perfect way to sign off your day.

Colourways Galore 🎨

Whatever your vibe is, JD’s range of Crocs has you covered. Keep it subtle with solid colours, make a statement with marble print, or dazzle with a splash of glitter. You can elevate your look with colourways and patterns exclusive to JD.

Limitless Looks ♾️

Who says you have to be just one? One day you’re sporty, the next you’re a trendsetter, and with the addition of Jibbitz, there are no bounds to how you style your Classic Clogs!


Jump into a world that champions creativity, inclusivity, and diversity.


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