JD Official | September 24, 2020

Freshers Week Like No Other

It’s that time of year again! Loadsa’ people are headin’ to uni with one thing on their minds…FRESHERS!

With your intro to the campus, library and accommodation checked off your to-do list there’s only one thing left to discover…the social side of things. Freshers week is one of the most unforgettable times of Uni. If you have friends or siblings who have been to Uni, you will no doubt have heard some of their ‘eventful’ Freshers week stories.

With that said, we can all agree 2020 has been quite year so far. This year, the week you’ve been counting down to is going to be a lil bit different. With pub crawls and UV paint parties off limits due to the current climate, expect Freshers week with a twist this Autumn.

There is no escaping the fact that it is going to be different – but so what? Embrace it! Here’s what to expect…

Coming to a Screen Near You

SFH (study from home) will be in full swing when you start Uni. Across most campuses, learning will be staying out of the lecture theatre and will be aired directly to your laptop. A desk and supportive chair will be ideal for your study set up.

Tip: Try steer clear of the communal area when logging onto tutorials, the last thing you want is your housemate banging pots and pans when you’re trying to concentrate.

Group Chats Galore

Group chats will be essential for Freshers week. Whether it’s the group chat for your halls, your course or even societies you want to join, being active in these chats will make it so easy to make mates without meeting them in person.

They’re also super helpful when your lectures begin and your course is online, if you find yourself struggling you can always ask the help of your course mates and brainstorm together, as chances are they’re feeling exactly the same as you.

Virtual Nights Out

For the majority of universities out there, a lot of previous Freshers events have been postponed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get to know people virtually. From virtual social events, to socially distanced BBQs and live-streamed DJ sets, you and your new bubble can turn the living room into the new club. Get the fairy lights up and put all those TikTok dance moves you’ve been doing all Summer to good use!


From pickling to poetry, skiing to samba, there’s a club or society to suit every freshers’ interests. Usually, joining in activities on campus is a sure way for new students to slot in with a new squad. Just because you may not be able to physically take part in events, doesn’t mean you still can’t join a society.

If you wanna’ try something new or stick to being a footie fanatic, there will be a group out there for you. Check what your Uni is offering, whether it’s a Zoom party or socially distanced training sesh, joining a society is still a great idea for Freshers.

Nights In

When you think about it, a cute night in with your housemates is actually a better way to get to know one another than going out-out would’ve been. Cosy and comfy, you can all avoid cold weather queues and not hammer away at your student loan! Get the drinks in, order a pizza and play some games to break the ice or organise a movie night. You’ll be a bubble of BFFs in no time!


Left it last min and need to sort your essentials for Uni still? Don’t worry, we’ve got the ultimate Freshers checklist to get you up to speed!


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