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Game of Thrones x Ultra Boost

With Game of Thrones entering its final season and the Song of Ice and Fire soon coming to an end, adidas are making sure you can show where your loyalty lies with the adidas x Game of Thrones collection.

Game Of Thrones first arrived on our screens in 2011 and over the course of its run, has converted everyone into fans of fantasy – including sneakerheads! With numerous characters, family houses and factions vying for control of Westeros and the Iron Throne, it’s time to pick your side and show your support in the fight for the Seven Kingdoms!

House Stark

One of the largest houses in the North of Westeros, the Starks are extremely loyal and good intentioned. Since Aegon’s conquest, they’ve held the title of Wardens of the North and ruled from the ancient castle of Winterfell. With the house sigil of the Direwolf and the motto “Winter is Coming”, the Starks are always ready for conflict and harsh weather.

The House Stark Ultra Boost comes in a grey and black combination and is made with a breathable Primeknit upper. With leather and suede overlays for added support, they have a winterised ankle collar to keep you extra comfy. Equipped with adi’s legendary Boost midsole and an aggressive outsole, these House Stark sneakers have the Direworlf sigil to the inside of the tongue and “Winter is Coming” detailing to the heel.

Ultra Boost Game Of Thrones

Night’s Watch

The Night’s Watch is a military order that defends and maintains ‘The Wall’; a 700 foot ice structure that covers the 300-mile long barrier, which separates the Seven Kingdoms from the threats that lie beyond the wall. Lead by the Lord Commander, the main force of the Night’s Watch is stationed at Castle Rock.

Coming in a black colourway with white accents, the Night’s Watch Ultra Boost sneakers have a Primeknit upper with synthetic overlays sat on a Boost midsole for cushioning when patrolling ‘The Wall’. With “Night’s Watch” detailing to the heel, these trainers also have the opening line of the Night’s Watch oath to the inside of the tongue: “Night gathers, and now my watch begins”.

Game of Thrones Ultra Boost

White Walkers

An ancient race of creatures from the Lands of Always Winter, the White Walkers were first created by the Children of the Forest to protect them from the coming of the First Men. Breaking free from the Children’s control, the Walkers marched upon Westeros killing and reanimating the dead, before being forced back by the people of the Westeros. ‘The Wall’ was then constructed to separate Westeros from the beyond. 8,000 years past and now the Walkers march towards Westeros once again, led by the Night King.

The White Walker Ultra Boost come with a white Primeknit upper, which is supported by icy blue synthetic overlays. Sat on a Boost midsole, these sneakers have contrasting black 3-Stripes to the sidewalls. With “Winter is Here” detailing to the heel to signify their arrival in Westeros, they also have White Walker symbols to the inside of the tongue.

Game Of Thrones White Walker

House Targaryen

Originally from Valyria, the Targaryens first came to Westeros during Aegon’s conquest where Aegon and his sisters Visenya and Rhaenys used their dragons to take control of the continent. The Targaryens reigned for 300 years before King Aerys II was usurped during Robert’s rebellion. Aerys’ remaining children Viserys and Daenerys fled Westeros to Essos where Daenerys grew support, built an army, and mothered three dragons with the aim of reclaiming the Seven Kingdoms.

Coming with a black Primeknit upper that fades to orange and red embers at the toe, the Targaryen Dragons Ultra Boost sneakers have synthetic overlays and are sat on a black Boost midsole. With the House Targaryen motto “Fire and Blood” to the heel, these sneakers also have the sigil of the Three-Headed Dragon to the inside of the tongue.

Game Of Thrones Ultra Boost

With the Game of Thrones Ultra Boost collection from adidas, your sneakers speak for themselves! All representing different Houses and factions, these sneakers get you ready for the conclusion of the Game of Thrones Saga.

Show where your loyalty lies, and shop the entire collection on site now.

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