JD Official | January 28, 2021

Get Ready to Grind

Whether you are picking your first skateboard or you are a seasoned shredder looking for a fresh board to carve up the park, we’ve got you covered.

Bringin’ all your skating needs, a range of Tony Hawk Signature Series skateboards and accessories just dropped at JD. Coming from sunny Southern California, Tony Hawk aka the Birdman, is considered to be the pioneer of modern vertical skateboarding. He’s taken on more tricks than most people learn in a lifetime and is the only person to successfully land a 900°!

The Signature Series collection are durable and stable boards that can handle cruising and tricks with ease. Wanna’ check out all the gear you’ll need to up your skating game? Let’s ride!

From Ramp to Rail


Recreate your skate hero’s legendary 900° and pull off incredible kick-flip combos like never before. With decks made from 7 ply maple wood with grip tape to the upside of the deck, keepin’ you gripped to the board, these Signature Series Skateboards are perfect for beginners and pros.


Easy to throw down and learn the basics, they’re made with aluminium and PU cast bushing trucks and ABEC 3 bearings. Designed with PU injection wheels for long lasting rides, our range of skateboards are finished with head-turnin’ Tony Hawk graphics.

Wanna’ check ’em out? Shop the skateboard collection on JD now.

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