JD Official | July 4, 2019

Get Weekend Ready with Krystal Roxx

Can you believe!? It’s that time of the week once again! Krystal Roxx is back with the Superfoxx podcast on JDX!

With the weekend right around the corner, its time to get into that off-duty mindset with 40-minutes of tunes, chat and everything in between!

Glasto Special!

Krystal delivers an extra special podcast this week that brings banger after banger exclusively from artists that played Glastonbury last weekend! Got the Glasto blues? Well get ready to relive the magic of the festival!

Droppin’ us into the deep end, Krystal starts things off with the biggest pop star on the planet and someone that reps the angry teen in all of us – it’s Billie Eilish and her monster hit ‘Bad Guy’!

Quickly followed by Anne-Marie and Sigrid, Krystal shouts out their Glastonbury sets that both lit up the festival, before givin’ extra props to Sigrid for soaring so high while only bein’ 22!

Reminiscing about last weekend, Krystal reminds us how Miley Cyrus blew everyone away with her set that included covers of Metallica and Led Zeppelin, and an appear from her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, before droppin’ us into ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’.

Krustal Roxx

Lizzo then appears with her chart hit ‘Juice, before Rudimental deliver the goods with ‘Don’t Be Scared’.

Krystal then remind us about one of the most memorable moments from Glasto this year, when Dave picked out 15-year-old Alex from the crowd to perform his hit ‘Thiago Silva’. Alex took to the stage with ease and absolutely smashed the performance. Krystal then gets ‘Thiago Silva’ playin’ to let us relive the epic Glasto moment!

Switchin’ gears, Krystal takes us into some reflective rap with Bugzy Malone’s ‘Run’ followed by Stormzy’s ‘Crown’. Both delivered unforgettable sets but it was Stormzy that made a lasting impact headlining the Pyramid stage with the Union Jack on his chest. Speaking his message to inspire the next generation!

Depsite only having one album out, Stormzy had more than enough hits to keep the party going into the night. He then flew out to Ibiza Rocks for the Merky festival which delivered a who’s who of grime!

Followin’ on from the Merky festival, Ibiza Rocks will be presentin’ its all-girl line up that includes Mel C, Kelis,Krystal herself and many more! Happening this Sunday, its one you don’t wanna miss.

Krystal then gives us her Ibiza vibe with her own remixed track ‘Make My Day’ before revealing more deets about the upcoming Ibiza Rocks event. It will include yoga sessions, HIIT workouts, a Mel C DJ set and a mystery guest. Fancy all that and a SuperFoxx-tail drink? Then head over to the Ibiza Rocks website for tickets!

Rounding things off with a track that’ll send us into the weekend with a smile on our faces, Krystal delivers a classic from Kylie Mingue! You won’t be able to get it out of your head all weekend ?

Only Here On JDX

Make sure you’re feelin’ weekend ready and tune in to hear Krystal Roxx on the Superfoxx Podcast, Airing on Thursdays @ 8pm, Fridays @ 5pm, and Saturdays @ 6pm every week – only on JDX!

Wanna listen but don’t know how? All you have to do is download the JD App where you’ll be able to find JDX radio along with all the essential threads and sneakers to get you weekend ready!

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