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Rethinking Waste: Converse Renew

First released back in 1917, the Converse All Star is nothin’ but iconic. It was originally created as a basketball sneak, but over time has evolved to become the ultimate street staple. Over the last 100 years, Converse have reworked and refreshed the icon, with new colourways, collabs and more givin’ us our much-needed Converse fix.

Switching it up again, a new era of Converse design just dropped; Converse Renew. Proving that there’s always a way to renew what we do, Converse have launched a Renew Canvas edition of the iconic All Star sneaker. So what’s diff? Though they look and feel just like the OGs, the upper of the trainer is actually built from used plastic bottles. Mind. Blown.

What’s Renew?

There’s a huge focus RN on how we can all live more efficiently and go green. Converse’s latest innovation comes just one week after David Attenborough made a surprise appearance on Glasto’s Pyramid Stage – silencing the crowd and gaining legend status (if he didn’t have it already) talkin’ all about how we’re using plastic and the harm it’s doing to the planet.

Reflecting the brand’s relentless attitude to reinvention, the Renew concept actually started more than 4 years ago. Back then, it was led by Converse employees who explored using reclaimed materials, including their own personal stuff to be able to express themselves via their sneaks! Cool right?

Starting as an answer to the question “what can’t you make Converse out of?”, Converse decided to go down the sustainable route – purely because it’s the right thing to do! Renew is their ongoing commitment to create sneakers in more innovative and sustainable ways.

A 100% Recycled Upper

Without compromising on the look and feel of the sneaker we all love so much, Converse have managed to craft the iconic canvas upper out of 100% recycled polyester. This comes from used plastic bottles and there’s roughly 6 bottles in each pair!

Rethinking unwanted waste, Converse are taking the plastic and transforming it into a durable canvas upper that looks and feels just like the original All Star. Not only this, the laces are also made from recycled materials too. Bonus.

In a range of colourways, these eco-friendly sneakers are sat on a contrasting midsole that sports a new, recycled rubber outsole in a unique speckle print. Each of the designs feature the ‘Life’s Too Short to Waste’ message, sitting on the upper, toe cap or midsole. Finished with minimalist yet signature Chuck Taylor All Star branding.

converse renew plastic bottle

Same iconic style. Same premium feel. The same Chucks spirit, bottled.

Like what you see? Shop the Converse Renew collection on site now. Including the Chuck Taylor All Star Renew Canvas in high and low top styles.

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