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Nike’s Heroes in Sustainability: Meet Victoria (@victoriavncnt_)

As part of Nike’s Move to Zero, we’ve teamed up with a number of Heroes in Sustainability.  After getting the low down on Michael, this time we’re talking sustainability with Victoria (@victoriavncnt_).

Victoria is 25 and lives near Paris. She’s passionate about fashion and has been committed to looking after the environment for some time! She’s slowly changed her lifestyle and moved towards cleaner, more eco-friendly fashion.

Collab’ing with us and Nike as part of the ‘Move to Zero’ campaign, Victoria tells us how she leads an environmentally conscious life, including sustainable fashion tips! Check it out…

How do you live a more sustainable/responsible life?

I pay attention to what I do on a daily basis. It starts with small, simple gestures, but those are what make all the difference. The key is to consume less.

With this in mind, what are your daily habits?

First, I don’t throw anything on the ground (I even pick up other people’s rubbish when I notice it). I prefer public transport. I recycle. In the bathroom, I use reusable products, for example, a bamboo toothbrush, a cotton swab and washable gloves. I also use organic beauty products that aren’t tested on animals and that aren’t harmful to the environment.

What other advice would you give for a more responsible lifestyle?

We have to learn to recognise what’s bad and, on the contrary, what has little or no impact on the planet, animals or humans. Subscribe to informative Instagram pages and then communicate with others. Finally, adopt a lot of small, simple and decisive actions, such as:
– subscribe to green/clean electricity
– turn off the water when washing
– choose local food and bulk and eat less meat and fish
– choose cardboard and glass over plastic

What motivated you in this momentum?

The planet. I clicked. I saw everything that was going on around me. It broke my heart and I was afraid for my future, my loved ones and my potential future children…I felt ungrateful and disrespectful of my own home. I started to hear about eco-responsible alternatives, to follow women who were talking about it…And let’s go! It was gone!

Do you feel more responsible since the creation of your vintage e-shop?

Not necessarily. I already felt responsible. It just strengthened my state of mind. This is in line with what I advocate and the mode of consumption that I want to advise.

What advice would you give in terms of fashion?

The main thing is to think and buy what you really need or want. Don’t shop on impulse. You can also favour second hand and vintage shops. This is the case for 80% of my dressing room, for example. In the remaining 20%, I prefer small so-called “clean” brands that use good materials, made in Europe. There are loads of them on Instagram. But that doesn’t mean excluding the big brands, which are working to be more responsible with sustainable collections. Like here, the Vapormax 2020 from Nike.

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