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Everything You Need To Know About Blokecore

Blokecore ‘fits have been plastered all over our feeds, from TikTok to Instagram, the ‘#Blokecore’ trend is taking street style to a whole other level.

It’s well-established that the trend cycle is exactly that – cyclical. So, even if you’ve not heard of the term Blokecore, you’ll probably have seen the outfits it captures, from way back in the ‘90s to recent IG posts.


We’re about to get into it, covering everything you want to know about blokecore, how to style the blokecore trend, and our top picks to shop. Kick off your T-toes and get into it.


What Is Blokecore? 💭

Football style has been around since way before TikTok trends and GRWM vids. Fans were stepping out in their teams’ shirts back in the ‘70s, and the aesthetic has stuck around long after the final whistle.


From match-goers cheering from the terraces to iconic WAG looks of the noughties, all blokecore needed was a name for the trend to blow up in 2024.


The name stems from laidback British slang, with the term ‘bloke’ being commonly used to refer to a man. But that doesn’t mean the trend is limited to one gender – anyone who wants to wear blokecore can, and should!


Over the last five decades, football shirts and terrace-inspired trainers have become staples in street-ready style, trickling into our everyday looks from the stadium to the city.



How To Style Blokecore 🏁

The blokecore trend takes cues from classic football ‘casuals’ style. This subculture of football fans fused football and fashion, wearing their best clobber to the games in casual clothing picks from brands like Fred Perry and Lacoste.


So it comes as no surprise that we’re borrowing inspo from the casuals when stepping out.


Need the blokecore starter pack to master the trend? For a foolproof blokecore outfit every time, you’ll need: one football shirt (bonus points for a retro shirt), one sports-inspired track top, one pair of baggy denim jeans (cargo pants and skirts are also blokecore-approved), and one pair of trainers.


Whether you’re cheering for your club at the local ground, or backing your country in worldwide matches, a football shirt is an essential cop for the blokecore trend.


But don’t worry, you don’t need to have a favourite team to get a run-out. Some of our fave blokecore styles take design elements of classic sports shirts that are refreshed for the streets with sponsorship-inspired branding and sporty cuts.



Keep the blokecore ball rolling when you pair up a footie shirt with ‘90s-style denim and cargos from brands like Levi’s and Ed Hardy. From full-length baggy pants to shorts, jorts and skirts, these threads make for a classic ‘fit each time.



Blokecore is a trend for every season. When you need to layer up, it’s all about old-school track tops rooted in sportswear heritage. With the likes of adidas Originals’ iconic SST collection, as well as Fred Perry tape track tops and more, we’ve got you covered.


The T-toe momentum has been building for a while, with the adidas Originals Samba claiming ‘It Sneaker’ status and other 3-Stripes styles following suit. Blending sports-inspired style with a streamlined design, terrace trainers are a must-cop to style blokecore.


Top Blokecore Trainers 👟


adidas Originals is the brand that’s going for gold when it comes to blokecore trainers. The 3-Stripes on foot was a status symbol for ‘80s and ‘90s casuals, and it still is today.


The most common silhouette to grace the trend is undoubtedly the adidas Originals Samba. With a stripped-back sense of effortless style and a range of colourways to choose from, if you’re choosing one trainer to nail the blokecore trend, the Samba is your go-to.


Another sneaker that boasts the 3-Stripes and Trefoil is adidas Originals’ Gazelle. Similar in shape and style to the Samba, but with a slightly thicker sole and subtle design differences. Easily an icon in its own right.


The SL 72 from adidas Originals has recently stepped up to the plate, too, with a resurgence of the beloved ‘70s track silhouette coming into play.


Not stopping there, PUMA’s Palermo style is well in the running as a blokecore essential, with its soft suede upper and signature T-toe construction rooted in Sicilian-inspired heritage.


If low-profile kicks aren’t really your bag, don’t sweat it. The likes of adidas Originals’ ZX collection and LA Trainers are slightly chunkier and still fit the bill, along with brands like New Balance and ASICS bringing the sports-ready energy to your blokecore ‘fits.


Blokecore 101 📝

Think you’re ready to tackle the blokecore trend? We’ve given you the training, now it’s time to put it into play.


Shop all things blokecore at JD right now!


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