JD Official | December 23, 2021

In The Duffle Bag Season 4: Episode 5 with Shaybo

Our In The Duffle Bag podcast is back to rescue your week! Season 4 continues after a mega ep last time out with our guy AJ Shabeel!


In The Duffle Bag is our pod where host and JD OG Chuckie (@chuckieonline) chats to some of the biggest names in music, sport and more!


This week, we’ve once again linked up with PUMA, with Chuckie sitting down with rapper and self-proclaimed ‘Queen of the South’ Shaybo.



Episode 5 – Shaybo

In the brand new episode, Chuckie and Shaybo sit down to discuss the changing music industry, her ‘Queen of the South’ album, how she found herself on this path and who she is as a person. You don’t want to miss this one!


“If you really want to understand me you’ll make the effort”

Check out the latest episode of In The Duffle Bag with Shaybo on iTunes, Spotify or Acast now!


Or why not head back and check out some earlier episodes from season 4, with guests such as Usain Bolt, Young T & Bugsey and Pa Salieu! Head over to iTunes, Spotify or Acast now!

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