JD Official | July 16, 2020

In the Duffle Bag: Upfront Episode 3

Stop what you’re doing, the latest episode of In the Duffle Bag: Upfront just dropped. Chuckie is back and this time, he’s joined at the table with two new guests.

Get to know more about our all-new mini-series ‘In the Duffle Bag: Upfront’ here. This is the place for open conversation and right here, we’ll be getting real on a range of topics for change.

Missed the other episodes? Catch up now.

Episode 3 with Tazer Black & Lippy Lickshot

Episode 3 has dropped and this time, Chuckie is sitting down with Tazer Black and Lippy Lickshot from ‘3ShotsofTequila’ and ‘For the Culture’ podcasts. The guys discuss everything from their opportunities growing up, to the part social media has played when it comes to race. Talking about the difference between ignorance and racism, plus loads more – check out the full episode now!

“It’s more ignorance than racism”

Catch the latest episode of In the Duffle Bag: Upfront over on iTunes, Spotify and Acast now.

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