JD Official | June 1, 2018

JD In Ibiza: Sunset Yoga With Krystal Roxx

Ibiza may be a party paradise known for its mega clubs and all-star line ups, but did you know there’s a pumping wellness scene, behind the scenes? Yup! Spiritual seekers are now flocking to the White Isle to get their healthy mind & body fixes – think meditation camps, yoga retreats and top-notch vegan dining. Welcome to the good life…

beach Ibiza yoga pink soda

We flew out last week for a collab with JD X,  Superfoxx (@wearesuperfoxx) and DJ Krystal Roxx (@krystalroxx) for an epic party at Ocean Beach Club.

Craving a slice of chill time, we grabbed our mats and joined yoga instructor Krystal and her Superfoxxes for a private yoga sesh on the rooftop of THB Naceo Hotel. We invited a group of babes all styled in the latest Pink Soda Sport collection, including PT Zoe Fisk (@zoe.fisk), Insta babe Alisha le May (@alishalemayx) and Hazel Wallace aka The Food Medic (@thefoodmedic).

pink soda leggings top
pink soda leggings top

Krystal taught the Vinyasa Flow class against the sa-weeeet backdrop of San Antoni Bay, bringin’ her infectious good vibes and reminding us that “Your intuition is your greatest teacher” as we flowed with her Balearic beats.

Already feeling like glowing goddesses, we sank into our warrior 1s and 2s with core strength, as the sun set over the Mediterranean. Krystal finished the class with a group “OM”, and finally a savasana with a deep meditation – aka a one-way ticket to BLISS.

BRB, just booking another flight to Ibiza!

yoga pose pink soda ibiza
yoga pink soda

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