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JD Now: 5 Minutes with Geordie Shore’s James Tindale

If you think about reality TV, you can’t not think of MTV’s Geordie Shore! Now on its 17th season, we managed to catch up with original cast member James Tindale and get his lowdown on style, keeping fit, the gym and what he thinks of Geordie Shore going to Oz…

James Tindale in SikSilk hoodie

Describe your style?
Smart/casual…T-shirts always fitted and have to match with trainers!

Do you have a favourite brand ATM?
I really like Nike but i’m loving the current retro styles from adidas and Fila atm, which is a really cool look.

Name one piece of clothing that you can’t live without?
Tracksuit! Have to have a cosy tracksuit for chill days.

Who’s your style icon?
Don’t really have one person in particular but follow a few men’s style pages on Instagram. @menwithstreetstyle is my favourite for inspo.

Projects you’re working on ATM?
I’m really busy atm with rapid growth of Gym Unique, we are now up to 600 members! I’m also training to be a radio presenter with a big north east radio station and things are going really well there so lots on the horizon this year.

How did you get into fitness?
Getting into fitness started for me when I was around 14. I used to buy men’s fitness magazines and think I want to look like that. Over the years my love for fitness has grew as I’ve gained more experience and trained with lots of different people. I just love keeping fit.

James Tindale in Good for Nothing
James Tindale in SikSilk

Any tips for gym beginners?
Follow a diet and training programme that suits you and your lifestyle. Stick at it and trust the process. The first few weeks are the toughest but before you know it, it will become a normal habit of your life.

Favourite muscle/workout to train?
My favourite muscles to train at the moment are shoulders. I’ve seen so much development in them since focusing on them last few weeks. I also love training legs especially when summer is coming, and I know I want to be on a beach with short shorts on.

Plans for the rest of 2018?
Keep growing Gym Unique and aim to hit the 1000 member mark. Aim for my own radio slot in the months to come and get in a few much-needed relaxing holidays! More filming in process too so just making sure things go well here.

Any tips for the new Aussie Geordie Shore cast?
Australians know how to party so they will fit in really well with the Geordie cast! Just be themselves and enjoy the journey.

Favourite moment in Geordie Shore?
Walking into the house for the very first time in series 1 and meeting everyone. That whole series was electric as we were all buzzing and certainly didn’t hold anything back!

If you could go back and change anything, would you?
Honestly… there’s nothing I would change if I could go back. Luckily, I didn’t do anything too embarrassing!


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