JD Official | December 13, 2023

JD STATUS Has Landed

Want to get rewarded every time you shop? JD STATUS is here! 🙌

That’s right, we’ve dropped the ultimate loyalty app, which rewards you every time you shop on the JD Sports mobile app, website or in-store. The reward? JD Cash.


What’s JD Cash?

JD Cash is our loyalty scheme currency. Once you’ve signed up for free, JD STATUS lets you earn JD Cash every time you make a purchase – either online*, or in any of our UK stores. You can save this up in your JD STATUS Wallet and use it to save on future purchases.


To get started, you’ll receive 10% JD Cash on your first purchase as a JD STATUS member. Every time you shop your favourite brands at JD after then, we’ll give you 1% JD Cash. Be sure to keep an eye out for special promotions and boosted JD Cash events too!


How It Works

As a member, the JD STATUS app is home to your JD STATUS Wallet. You don’t need to worry about carrying a loyalty card around with you, as you’ve got access to your rewards 24/7 on the app.


JD STATUS members now get rewarded online, as well as in-store. Follow the step-by-step guide below to earn JD Cash every time you shop on the JD Sports mobile app or website:


1. Download the JD STATUS app the from App Store or Google Play


2. Sign-up for JD STATUS for FREE using your mobile number


3. Shop on the JD Sports mobile app or website as normal, ensuring that the mobile number used for your order matches the one attached to your JD STATUS account (creating an account on the JD app/website is the best way to make sure your mobile number matches every time you shop!).


4. That’s it, your JD Cash will automatically be applied to your JD STATUS account when your online orders are dispatched!


When shopping in-store, you can find your JD STATUS QR code in the app, or add it to your smartphone’s wallet for easy access. When you scan it at the till or redeem your transaction via your receipt, you’ll top up your in-app JD Cash Wallet, which you can use to save on future purchases!


Once you’re ready to redeem the JD Cash you’ve saved up, head in-store and scan your code at the till. We’ll do the rest.

Download the JD STATUS App

Ready to get rewarded with JD STATUS?


To get started, all you have to do is download the JD STATUS app and sign up for free. Use the mobile number that you shop with at JD to be able to earn JD Cash when you shop online and via the app.


Click on one of the below to download 📲


App Store


Google Play


*available since 13.12.23

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