JD Official | April 23, 2021

JD x WillNE: Meme Wars Episode 2

Just two weeks ago we dropped out latest series ft. our guy WillNE! Fast forward to now and episode 2 of ‘Meme Wars’ just dropped. Yep, Meme Wars is back and this time, WillNE’s up against a new guest!

Didn’t catch the first ep? Meme Wars is all about who can make the best meme! Our host, WillNE will be going head-to-head against some of the internet’s sharpest minds in the ultimate battle of viral internet superiority. Over a series of five rounds, Will will compete against a special guest to try and make the funniest memes with just 30 seconds on the clock!

With different theme each round, the guys will choose from a range of iconic memes – all they need to do is add a caption or fill in the blanks. But who’s the funniest?!

Watch Episode 2

In the second ep, WillNE’s joined by YouTuber, AJ Shabeel (@ajshabeel). Dropping content since 2015, AJ has racked up over half a million subscribers with his top level prank, challenge and competition videos – banter guaranteed!

With rounds that cover YouTube boxing, rumours they’ve heard about themselves and more, who is the master of the memes!? Find out who’s got the best banter and tune in to episode 2 now! ⬇️ ⬇️

Catch Up

Tune in to Episode 1 of Meme Wars with special guest George aka. @memeulous now!

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming action by subscribing to our YouTube channel @jdsports. Stay tuned for the next ep of Meme Wars, as well as other series ft. our guy, WillNE.

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