JD Official | May 5, 2020

Keepin’ Chill in Lockdown: Our Top Tips

Whether you’re a social butterfly or not – having to stay at home during lockdown is a challenge, and we’re all learning as we go!

While some people are isolating on their own, others are with their ‘rents and BFF’s, but no matter who you are (or aren’t with) the days can feel never-ending. Finding yourself in a productive and positive headspace can sometimes feel impossible.

Fortunately, there’s loads of things you can do to keep busy, keep your mind occupied and hopefully help you feel relaxed! Need some inspo? We got you.


Every household in the country hasn’t made a loaf of banana bread by accident, cooking and baking can be as relaxed or as challenging as you want it to be – it’s a process that will keep you busy, happy and covered in flour.


Cooking has always been a personal fave for British rapper Loyle Carner who grew up with ADHD, and has described it as “all encompassing, cooking. You’re distracted by lots of colours of spices and everything but the kinetic energy all feeds back into the same thing – what you’re cooking. For me, cooking is the closest to meditation.”

So, if you fancy feeding yourself or those you’re stuck inside with, maybe have a chicken tacos? Find the recipe and more here!

(Image credit @thebodycoach)

Get Creative

There’s a chance you’ve probably read a few negative tweets about how if you don’t learn a new skill or create something during this lockdown then you’ve no excuse – you can ignore that nonsense. But if getting creative is your vibe, then go ahead!

From busting out a paintbrush and easel to simply getting into that book series you’ve been meaning to for ages – all these things can help you feel calm and relaxed.

Try not to focus too much on the end product, just enjoy the process – whether you’re trying to write a song or master street art on canvas.

(A mural in Toronto. Everybody has to start somewhere. Credit: Bernard Spragg)


Ahh exercise – some people love it and others despise it. But if you’re the latter, it could be worse, at least it’s not the gym. The good thing is that every man, woman and his dog (often literally) is exercising (inside or outside) at the minute so if you’re self conscious, no-one will be paying attention to you as everyone else is doing the same.

Keeping moving can help beat stress in many different ways; including pumping up your endorphins – these are the things that tell your brain it’s happy and happy is good. Positive vibes!

It’s also essentially meditation in motion, smashing a 10k run or defeating that HIIT workout can help you forget the day’s irritations as you’ve concentrated only on your body’s movements and the goal you want to achieve.

Music and Podcasts

Struggling with working in silence and missing the sounds of a busy office? Or maybe you live alone and the lack of human voices is getting to you. Either way, music and podcasts give you something to listen to and concentrate on!

As for podcasts, they’re a great way to hear familiar voices and feel like you’re in the middle of a very interesting and often funny conversation. Not sure where to start? Ask your friends or just search in any podcast app for names of people you like. We’ve even got our own – In The Duffle Bag features chats with stars from the world of music, sports and more. Guests so far have included Jurgen Klopp, Bugzy Malone, Aitch, Laura Whitmore and more.

Check out the latest ep with Blade Brown right here…

There’s no right or wrong way to keep yourself busy and relaxed during this time, just look after yourself, stay safe and you do YOU!

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