JD Official | October 7, 2019

Lads, Here’s the Fits You Need in Your ‘Drobe This Season

Rainy SZN has arrived. It’s time to switch out your tees for sweats, your triple white kicks for triple blacks and invest in the jackets more waterproof than your mate on a night out. There’s always one…

Now you know the fit always runs from the ground up, so we’ll bring on the creps first.

If there’s only 2 kicks you’re investing in this season then it’s gotta be a solid pair of Timbs and a trusty pair of triple blacks. Whatever the weather, these have got you covered. And to make things even better, you’ll save on the Crep Protect too!

You simply can’t go wrong with a classic Max 90 in your rotation and this latest JD exclusive drop is complete with a signature orange accent; adding that subtle Autumnal touch to any fit. But for those wanting to go flat-out this Fall, you know if this season were a sneaker it’d have to be Timberland. A must since day 1, these are probably one of the only childhood creps we’re still reppin’ today. Right now, it’s all about the Killington. All the comfort but with all the edge.

So we’ve covered the bases, but what about the rest? Meet the everyday essentials sure to have your garm game leaving you wanting to actually bother making the effort to leave the house. Comfort is key, so if you ain’t talking track pants and sweats we ain’t interested. Wrap up your fit with a touch of colour against an otherwise classic mono trackie. We’re currently rating this waterproof offering from The North Face in an ice cool blue, cop yours exclusively at JD; right here.

Blown your student loan? Payday been and gone? We feel you. So we’ve rounded up some picks sure to have you beatin’ the breeze without having to break the bank. Scoring 2 for the price of 1, Puma’s core khaki tracksuit combo jus’ dropped to £55 for the full fit. With the hoodie alone previously retailing for £55, this is a serious steal to add to bag. Although we are all about the boot and chunkier crep this season, for those drier days when we just wanna slip into something super chill; the Vans Court is just that. Another classic from the skate icon, Vans brings all the retro feels in this nod to nineties court players; now yours for just £30.

Still in need of more inspo? Hit up what’s new to ensure your wardrobe’s doing up the latest styles this season.

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